“I am pregnant” those three magic words are the most exciting to pronounce for couples eager to start a family or add to their existing ones. While overwhelming and challenging, having children is one of the best ways to enhance a couple´s closeness and take their relationship to a whole new level. Baby announcements are as exciting for the future mom and dad, as much as for their close family and friends. This is especially true if there are four people eager to become grandparents!
If learning that you are pregnant is exhilarating, then sharing the news and finding ways to let your beloved ones know must be as exciting in an equally significant way. With pregnancy comes a rollercoaster of emotions. Then tons of decisions to make: the baby´s name, how to decorate the nursery, the list of the must-have items, everything to prepare you for the moment until you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. Before all of that, expecting parents have to make another decision: when and how to announce their pregnancy –there´s a little person on the way! And this should be shouted out!

Many people take this joyous opportunity to throw a family gathering, in which they choose a creative, sentimental, or even funny way to let the world know they´re about to become parents. Modernity offers various other forms, such as emails, sharing a digital photo on social media, among others. Others go the extra mile and make a beautiful effort to let their loved ones know a baby is coming.

When to announce your pregnancy is up to you and your partner! Some factors to consider are:
• Many people wait until the first trimester has come and gone for two main reasons: the first one, by the time the second-trimester starts, the risk of miscarriage is reduced considerably. Second, most likely, by this time, many of the nasty early symptoms will be gone.
• Others want to show something tangible –such as the baby´s first sonogram –and that only happens after the first or second doctor´s appointment.
• The last one, many future moms-to-be want to show some belly before announcing the big news.

The last option is to announce your baby once he or she is already here! The ideas for making these announcements are endless! One fun, memorable way is to send personalized items to your close circle, announcing the grand arrival. Some parents like to distribute baby announcements during hospital visits as a way to thank them for the visitors ‘attention. Usually, baby announcements include the baby´s name, weight, length, and time of birth.

If you’re struggling thinking about a catchy, funny, or lovely phrase to include, here are some:
• Welcome to the world (baby name)!
• Meet the new love of our lives (baby name).
• The wait is finally over! We’re thrilled to welcome (baby name).
• Hello, world! Introducing our bundle of joy (baby name).
• On (birthdate), we were blessed with the arrival of (baby name). Our home has grown by two feet!
• There’s a new (boy/girl) in town!
• Look who decided to show up!
• Welcome a new (sister/brother) to our family!
• Here we grow again!
• Our newest addition has arrived!
You can also add these lovely phrases into cushions, onesies, photo frames, signs, wall decals, and anything else you can think of.