Aunts undoubtedly play a crucial role in their nieces and nephew’s upbringing. Being an aunt does not mean simply being related to someone; it’s an entire way of life. Aunts are truly second mothers, wise advisers, real friends, great teachers and, an exhaustible source of love and affection.

Everybody loves aunts. You may view your aunt as a supporter, a counselor, and in all honesty, a great companion to have lots of fun. Now, if you love your aunts, just imagine how much your niece or nephew will love you! Yes, that tiny, chubby person will trust you and will have a unique relationship with you envied even by his/her parents. You want to get the baby a special something, even from his/her youngest age you want to show how much it means to you to be her auntie! We have the perfect item for you: a lovely aunt baby onesie!

A onesie is the piece of garment, babies and toddlers use instead of an adult T-shirt. It is comfortable, easy to put on and take off –which is significant trait parents look for and super cute and cozy! (so the parents will appreciate it as well)

Babies’ onesies can be worn just by themselves on a hot summer day, or they can go beneath the child’s clothes or pajamas. They are also crucial to keep diapers in place during the night –they are the key to avoid wet accidents! The staple on the crotch helps the garment stay down, so our sweet baby’s belly does not get exposed. Now, here comes the enjoyable part. At Personalized by Kate you can pick a Onesie, and customize it!

Funny Aunt Baby Clothes

You’ve seen all the funny phrases or quotes in baby’s clothes; now you have a unique opportunity to design one especially for your niece/nephew! But our customization goes beyond funny expressions; you can personalize a onesie with a lovely phrase that shows how much you love and care for him. “ Auntie’s favorite guy” or, “My auntie said yes” Are among the most popular phrases to be included.  Take a picture with the baby wearing it, and you will have a loving memory forever.

You will also be able to keep the onesie as a memento since we only utilize top-quality fabrics. Our onesies are made with soft, breathable materials, uniquely designed to protect baby’s delicate and tender skin. We use only the best printing techniques so you will not have to worry about fading or cross-coloring.

A personalized onesie is a thoughtful, adorable idea. The great part is, you have plenty of canvas space to print whatever you choose: you can print a photo, an image, a phrase, a joke, etc. The only thing you have to do is pick the onesie you like: color and size -we carry from Newborn to 24 months- and let your imagination fly! When it comes to ladies, they say: “Say it with flowers.” But when it comes to chubby, soft, cuddly little guys or girls, it’s: “Say it with a onesie.”