Anniversaries offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to show our spouse the love and devotion we have for them. They also represent the perfect chance to remember how magical and happy was that day in which the future lied upon us, and by exchanging vows, we decided to spend it together forever.

The commitment behind marriage is not a simple thing; therefore celebrating each year raises the bar a little bit each time. You want to out-do yourself, don’t you? No matter how high your expectations are, Personalized by Kate, has the ideal present for you. An item, carefully designed and crafted according to you and your spouse. And nothing says celebration, like a great toast! Of course, a hilarious, joyful toast can only be achieved with one of our fantastic anniversary shot glasses!

Our anniversary shot glasses can be adorned with a lovely monogram, or printed with an inspiring, heart-warming message. The words, however, have to come from you, but you can leave the rest to us!

Customization on anniversary shot glasses serve two purposes: the first one, to have them as part of the party décor, in which your family and friends participate toasting and cheering with you; they can even be unique party favor! One that everyone will keep in good memory. The second purpose, if you are celebrating more intimately, is to take our shot glasses as canvases to express what sometimes is hard to say out loud: “You are my entire life” “The Best is yet to come” “Already living happily ever after”, are just a few of our favorite options. For laid-back couples, you can even add a private joke, which believe it or not, is considered super romantic.

Anniversary shot glasses are also an excellent gift for people who want to cherish the admirable couple but are struggling thinking about what to give them. What else is functional, fun, lovely and potentially could begin the greatest of family collections? A set of wonderful anniversary shot glasses –customized of course!

If you like to think outside the box, as we do, we can also color your glassware. If the couple has reached 50 years together, golden, personalized shot glasses surely would be the ideal way to go.

At Personalized by Kate, we think each anniversary deserves special attention, whether you have been one or twenty years together, each one represented something unique and essential in your life. Nonetheless, if you are celebrating your 15th anniversary, and still do not know what to get your spouse, well… it’s crystal-clear! A set of customizable, anniversary shot glasses cannot be topped with anything else. Remember, a 15th anniversary is celebrated with crystal elements. You can also complement your gift with something else from our crystal-made selection; browse through our catalog for more options.

Aside to adding functionality to your event, a set of anniversary shot glasses will become your favorite memento from that particular day. At Personalized by Kate, we are deeply committed to eco-friendly practices, and hence we recommend giving something meaningful that can be reused as many times as the happy couple decides!