Anniversary Picture Frames

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They say that a couple that has been hitched for ten years can be sure their marriage is stronger than metal; we say that any anniversary is worth celebrating and each one of the years represents a unique milestone achieves! While we love traditions, at Personalized by Kate, we also like to think outside the box. That is the reason behind the extensive list we have for you as options to give your spouse, a friend, your daughter, your boss, or anyone reaching this incredible, worth-celebrating milestone.

Time certainly flies. It seems it was yesterday when you were a beautiful bride in her dress, and now you are celebrating an anniversary along with the best of men, the love of your life. You look at the incredible woman next to you, and it seems impossible to accept years have already passed, since she looks exactly the same when you saw her walking towards you; you were charming –although nervous- groom, eager to start a new journey with her. And with all its ups and downs, here you are, face to face, loving each other even more and excited to see what the next decade will bring!

And despite the fact you have sorted many obstacles along the way, here you are, utterly clueless on what to give her/him on your anniversary! Do not worry, at Personalized by Kate, we got you covered. We carry the best customizable items, and ideas you will love, whether it is your celebration or a friend or family member.

There is one way to get it right: An Anniversary Picture Frame. Photos help us relieve our most cherished memories: from the birth of children, graduations, to the wedding itself or ordinary, everyday moments that fill our hearts. Of course, like every other item on our extensive catalog, our anniversary picture frames are customizable.

You may go along tradition and add something allusive to the anniversary. Here are a few ideas:

  • First-year – Paper
  • The second-year –cotton
  • The third-year – leather
  • Fifth-year –Wood
  • Fifteen year –Crystal
  • Fiftieth year – Gold

There’s no need to be completely literal, you may get on the funny side and add wording such as: “Fifteen Crystal years by your side”; let your creative side unleash!

Anniversary Picture frames, especially like ours that are personalized, will become a family keepsake, almost an heirloom! That your descendants will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Keep in mind that frames help to conserve your pictures free from bending, and dust. You want to keep your memories intact, both in your mind and in a physical way!

Surprise that newlywed couple with their first-anniversary picture frame; enhance your home décor, frame your favorite moments with one of our customizable picture frames!