You have finally found her! Your partner-in-crime, your best friend, the love of your life. And now –and after some pursuing maybe- you are lucky to call her your wife! Congrats! But your anniversary is around the corner, and you still have no idea of what to give her. You’ve come to the right place because at Personalized by Kate, we are experts in gifts that are not merely items but are life-experiences.

After all that time, after seeking, you discovered love in the arms of a true gentleman. And now that man, your own prince charm, has become your husband. Your anniversary is around the corner, and you are struggling thinking about what to get him. You want something unique and memorable.

Your best friends are reaching their fifteenth anniversary; they have been not only the best supporters but a couple you admire; therefore you want your gift to be unique, lovely and thoughtful.

What do all of the above have in common? It’s “crystal clear!” Anniversary Champagne Glasses are the ideal choice for a gift on this significant occasion.

People say drinking champagne is a form of art; there’s an essential need for the right glass; the one that preserves flavor to its maximum and aroma. At Personalized by Kate, we have different champagne glasses that you may personalize to make them a perfect gift. The type of glass you pick must suit your preferences. We carry the following styles of anniversary champagne glasses:

  • Flute. Without question the most popular kind. The flute consists of a long stem supported by a full pedestal that offers excellent support when placed on tables or other flat surfaces. The shape of the bowl is slender, and its elongated shape can accommodate more champagne than different glass types.
  • Coupe. Also called the champagne sauces, it has a certain resemblance to cocktail glasses. The bowl is quite broad and short to accommodate a small quantity of champagne. The coupe is preferred by modest drinkers who drink socially.
  • Tulip. The bowl shape features a broad base with a narrow top. The tulip intends to keep the scent “trapped” without escaping. When the drinker is tasting the champagne the aroma gets dissipated; which enhances the drinking experience. Just like the flute, a champagne tulip glass also consists of a long stem and wide base. This prevents heat transfer from the palms of the drinker to the drink, while also making sure that the bowl is smudge free.

Anniversaries offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to show our spouse the love and devotion we have for them. They also represent the perfect chance to remember how magical and happy was that day in which the future lied upon us, and by exchanging vows, we decided to spend it together forever.

Our anniversary champagne glasses can be embroidered with a lovely monogram, or printed with an inspiring, heart-warming message. The words, however, have to come from you, but you can leave the rest to us!