Table numbers make anyone -organizing or hosting a party- happy. They simplify whatever is complicated. Table numbers can be utilized to assign seats and to decorate a table. At Personalized by Kate, we carry many different versions of table numbers; and among the most popular ones are Acrylic Table Numbers.

Acrylic is one of the world’s oldest synthetic materials available. Its popularity is based in the wide variety of applications; Acrylic is without question a versatile material with distinct perks.

Here’s why we absolutely love Acrylic Table Numbers:

  • Acrylic is easy to shape

When acrylic plastic is heated, it becomes malleable and can be molded into many shapes. As a result, the options for you to choose from are many! You do not have to settle with an ordinary rectangular shape; if you’re looking for a more original, out-of-the-box table number, Acrylic is the way to go.

  • Acrylic is 50% Lighter than Glass but Much Stronger.

One of the most significant advantages of using acrylic plastic in place of glass is that while it’s more durable, it also weighs 50% less than glass. This comes particularly in handy if you have children among your attendees! Little kids are curious and will be probably tempted to play with your table numbers, so to prevent an accident or to keep your decoration intact; choose Acrylic as your material.

  • Acrylic is easy to maintain

Depending on the customization you add to your table numbers, you may want to reuse them! The world needs eco-friendly practices, and this is a perfect way to contribute. If you are a party organizer, or your job involves hosting business events; acrylic table numbers may be the ideal option for you since the material allows for regular use without damaging or looking tainted.

A quick tip on how to clean it: The gentler you are when cleaning Acrylic, the better. Avoid using rough paper towels because they will not remove scratches and may accidentally cause them. Also avoid ammonia-based products, like Windex or other home glass cleaners, because they contain harmful chemicals that will damage the surface, leaving it looking cloudy. When cleaning and maintaining Acrylic, the easiest and safest measure is to use soapy water.

For your next party, event or conference do not hesitate and pick our acrylic table numbers. Seek through our extensive catalog; pick the shape and style you want and then proceed for the customization. You may go wholly classic and add a number, or you can take advantage of the space and add some personalization referring to the event being held.