You’ve been together with your sweetheart for five years now! Guess what? You are officially out of the “newlyweds club.” The choppy ride and the adjustment period are over, yet the rest of the journey seems anything but boring! You are entering an exciting stage where you are comfortable enough with each other so life without the other seems inconceivable. And speaking about conceiving, this is the stage where most couples decide to start a family and have children of their own. But there is no rush! Because first, you want to give this incredible milestone the attention it deserves.

Culturally speaking, wood is the element utilized to celebrate the 5th anniversary; wood resembles the strength and wisdom the loving couple has managed to accumulate during this lustrum. So, if you are a classical type of person and love to embrace these traditions, we have exactly what you are seeking for: a long and extensive list of gifts made out of wood that will tell your spouse just how much you love him/her.

At Personalized by Kate, all of our products are 100% customizable; this way you can tweak your gift and leave your personal mark; this makes it even more special. Are you still struggling to decide what to give your husband or wife? We present you with some fantastic ideas that not only are original, but practical and beautiful.

Among our absolute favorites: personalized wooden wine boxes (you can get several and write different phrases to classify your bottles! “Date night” / “Rough day at work” / “extra special celebration”). If you wish to encourage the lumberjack inside your “all man” man how about giving him a set of personalized tools? We are sure he will be more inclined to do some housework after this thoughtful present. More noticeable, yet always trendy, gifts include wooden picture frames and personalized wooden carved cutting boards. For religious practitioners, we carry a beautiful collection of customized crosses and wood plaques.

We’ve learned over time, how much couples enjoy remembering how they first met: maybe you met at a friend’s party, at a coffee shop, at school or you bumped in the street where you were immediately hit by love at first sight. At Personalized by Kate, we carry many items you can customize to remember and treasure that second that changed your lives forever. We are sure your wife would be thrilled to receive one of our cozy, elegant pillows with a single phrase such as: “it all started in American History 101.” Talk about a conversation opener!

Whether you want to give something witty, funny, cute or elegant, we have the perfect option for you. Remember why you are celebrating your “anniversary of wood.” It is because you have grown strong roots like a tree that no amount period would be able to bend. Congratulations!