50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

If a special man in your life is finally reaching the big 5-0 age, you definitely want to get him something nice. In his half-century of being, he has probably accomplished a lot in life that should be celebrated, such as becoming a father, mentoring someone, excelling in his job, accomplishing his dream, or anything else really. With such a long and rich life, you need to make sure that the present you get is perfect. But as 50th birthday gift ideas for men go, what should you choose? What will be that perfect 50th birthday gift for him?

At this age, he may prefer something that is useful and practical as well as related to his likes. Before you go shopping, you should ask yourself what he needs. What is something that he’s always wanted? How can you make it personal to him?

Relax! We have everything under control, and the list below for the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men is sure to inspire you!

1.     King of BBQ Gift Set

Your grilling dad or husband will definitely appreciate this amazing upgrade to their grilling tool collection. After years of cooked burgers and steaks, their old grill set is probably getting grimmer by the day. To freshen up his cooking game, you should get him a personalized grilling set to blow his mind. A useful grilling toolbox with spatula, fork, tongs, skewers, and more will be the perfect option for his upcoming 50th birthday.

The best part is that you can get the grill set personalized according to his taste. With his name, a sweet message, and a heartfelt happy birthday wish, he will definitely cherish the fine rosewood make of the grilling set.

2.     Monogrammed Flask

Like Cadillac’s and fine mustaches, a personalized monogrammed flask can be a signifier of classic manly loves. The monogrammed flask can serve as the perfect foundation item for any man. Owning a flask as a man is a must, but you can always make the experience better by having his name engraved on the front. When he opens the gift box and finds the custom flask, the message you are trying to send will be clear.

It is one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men because all men will love this item, especially with his name engraved on the front. After all, he will know that he has a person in his life who understands what he wants. The flask will be the perfect way to add instant coolness to his pocket.

3.     Monogrammed Decanter Set

Whiskey decanters are a smooth way of serving and showcasing dark brown alcohol. They have become really popular after being featured on so many TV shows and movies. They really make the best presents for whiskey enthusiasts, especially if they are personalized.

Wine decanters can impact the quality and taste of the wine, but that isn’t the case with whiskey. Once bottled, it is essentially a finished product, so you don’t have to worry about getting the right kind of make. Whiskey decanters are all about the presentation and showmanship, so all you need to do is get the right looking piece with his name on it. It will make the whiskey look great, which your man will definitely love.

4.     Wooden Cutting Board

The Seas of the Day cutting board is the best thing for the chef residing in his heart. On the plus side, if he is into woodworking, he will especially love this cutting board. It comes in maple, cherry, and walnut wood types, depending on whether you want a light, medium, or dark item. The solid wood item will last for a long time and come in handy for all the meals your husband is planning on cooking.

5.     Humidor with Initials and Name

If your man has any interest in cigars, he will definitely need the right cigar storage option. Cigars need to be stored in very specific moisture and temperature levels so that they stay fresh for a long time. Without a humidor, you cannot keep them at the right humidity level. The tobacco leaves inside cigars expand and contract based on the humidity of the environment. If the environment is too dry, they can shrivel and lose the appealing aroma and flavor.

When it comes to your cigar-loving classy man, the humidor can be a great gift since it can store the cigars for longer. When you enter the amazing world of cigar smoke, the personalized humidor can be a nice mysterious item for his 50th birthday. He will definitely love this thoughtful gift that will keep his Cubans right at the peak of the crisp flavor.

6.     Personalized Leather Notebook

Looking for the perfect present to make sure that your man is organized? Does he love to write or needs one location to keep all of his ideas in? You should think about getting a personalized leather notebook for him! This bad boy is a great present for people who indulge in daily writing. The appealing gift can motivate him to write, making it perfect for travel, poetry, or scheduling. You can get small ones so that he can carry it around or even get theme journals according to his tastes.

Stamping his name on the front of these can make it really personal. The best part is that you can write a heartfelt message on the first page to get him started on his journey. He will definitely love the thought and effort you have put behind this present. The elegant look of the leather will be great when he is taking down notes in his meetings or writing down his thoughts.

7.     Engraved Passport Cover

Almost everyone has a passport, and with airline fares getting cheaper, you can help your man re-discover his love of traveling. This is the perfect present for the man who loves to explore the world despite being such a simple gift. Travel gifts are popular since they can be appreciated by a seasoned traveler as well as a new one.

An engraved, personalized cover can add the flair they need to the journey since the style and class is unmatched. The cover will protect their passport from any wear and tear. Making sure that it doesn’t look worn out with a high-quality cover can prevent the pages from tearing up. It can also help you stay organized since the personalized cover can let you know which passport is yours or another family member. You can even get with pockets for your ticket or boarding pass.

8.     Engraved Corkscrews

Your man will probably need the right engraved corkscrew to open the wine bottles in celebration of his 50th birthday. You can save him a trip to your local store by getting him his personal corkscrew that he can use for a long time. There are many colors and designs that you can choose from, depending on what he likes. With his name on the front, it will be a great present that is also practical and useful.

9.     Personalized Crosses

The engraved cross can be a touching gift to honor his faith and loyalty to God. By personalizing it with his favorite quote or verse from the Bible as well as his name, you can be reassured that it will be a lovely and meaningful present for the man. It can elevate the importance of his 50th birthday since he will be receiving the most emblematic symbol of his faith.

It can become a part of his décor at work or home, serving as a heartwarming memory of his half-century. This unique gift can serve to fill his life with kind thoughts and happy emotions since he will know that he is cherished and loved. You can engrave his name, his parents’ names, the event date, a deceased loved one, or his favorite verse from the Bible. It is a basic and straightforward gift that holds a very deep meaning and can make his day really special.

10.                        Personalized Lighters

Engraved lighters can match the style, preference, and mood that your recipient has; it will make him feel like the gift is specially designed for him. The smooth metal exterior comes with his name on it so that it feels like a nice personal touch.  

The best part is that the gift is not just for smokers. They can be used for enthusiasts of the outdoors, often coming in handy for hikers, military personnel, and campers. Even executives and businessmen like carrying lighters around, since anyone can ask them for a light at any time. The personalized lighter can even be a great ice breaker or get the romantic mood started by lighting up some scented candles.

11.                        Hangers

Hangers are used every day by everyone! However, transforming them from ordinary old objects into a memorable engraved hanger set can add to the fun and glam of your loved one’s life. Personalized hangers can be a great memento that allows you to reminisce about the fun memories of his 50th birthday. You can choose from hand-painted styles to engraved messages that will go straight to his heart. There are many calligraphy options and materials to choose from, so you can pick according to his taste.

Choosing a top-quality hanger will ensure that every time your partner gets dressed in the morning, he is reminded about your love for him. Going for a classic wood or pastel tone with an engraved message can be a wonderful gift for your loved one.

12.                        Monogrammed Wallet

Wallets are more than just a holder for your cards and money. The perfect wallet is an accessory for your man. Wallets are fashionable and indispensable accessories that every man needs. It is easy to see how wallets have become associated with status and wealth since they literally contain your wealth. They can be used to store identity cards, money, credit cards, and more. A high-quality wallet will last your beau for a long time, playing an important role in his life.

Getting him a sophisticated, high-quality monogrammed wallet that suits his personal style and taste can be a fantastic idea. You can even put a picture of you inside to remind him of your love. It can be a really unique gift that will last him for a long time.

13.                        Beer Bottle Opener

When you are at a party holding a bottle opener, you are definitely somebody important. You don’t really need a bottle opener until you absolutely do; the humble beer bottle opener turns into a vital and unique gift at that point. It is a crucial part of the drinking experience, and getting a high-quality one is important. Bad openers can lead you straight to the ER or even break apart completely.

The opening of the bottle is a simple act that is often overlooked but is crucial to drinking. You should definitely consider getting an engraved beer bottle opener for your partner to celebrate the many oncoming birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and hangouts. It comes in all sorts of colors such as wood, tan, rose, rawhide, pink, brown, black and silver, black and gold, and rustic and gold. You can get one that you think will suit your husband or father’s taste.

14.                        Canvas Prints

It can be quite a difficult task to buy someone a special gift for such an important milestone in their lives. However, one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men is canvas prints. Nothing says I have put thought and effort like canvas prints since they are such a personal gift. You can incorporate your favorite picture, inspiration quotes, designs, and so many other things. You can even work 0out the colors, fonts, and size of the frame, depending on your preferences.

Even someone who has everything will love the canvas prints since it will be a memorable and inspirational moment. You can also choose the specific size that will allow you to think of the perfect place for the canvas to go. You can include a heartfelt message on the back that is just for you two to share.

15.                        Custom Garden Flags

Decorating your yard with a great custom garden flag can be great, especially if it is personalized to your man. When you have guests coming over to your home, are celebrating a holiday, showing support for your sports team, or having a dinner party in the garden, a garden flag will be a great idea. The personalized flag will be a unique decoration that will make a great first impression to everyone who enters your home. There are many colors, patterns, and occasions that you can choose from.

Yards are perfect places for holiday décor and cookouts. The yard should be decorated so that it makes you feel at-home and relaxed. Installing the garden flag can be a great gift for your husband or father. You can hang up the flag and taking him outside for a nice surprise on the morning of his birthday; make it a day and have a breakfast spread laid out outside as a bonus present!

16.                        Personalized Cigar Cases

Shopping for cigar aficionados can be quite difficult since you have to assume they have all the basic accessories they need for their habit. They definitely know more about cigar smoking than non-smokers like you. However, your cigar-loving husband or father may think he has it all, but there are plenty of cigar themed presents that you can get. Personalized cigar cases are among the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men since they can be thoughtful, personal, and useful.

Getting a personalized cigar case for your man can be a great idea, especially if he travels around a lot. The case can also store his cigar cutter so that he can enjoy on the go. The portable size cigar case ensures that he can smoke whenever he is in the mood. The cigar case can store up to three cigars, keeping them fresh for use. You can get his initials engraved on the cigar case as well as leave a nice personal message if you want. There are many colors that you can go for like tan, gray, blue, rawhide, brown and silver, and brown and black, so you can get one according to his personal tastes.

17.                        Monogrammed Wine Glass

Getting a monogrammed wine glass means that you are creating a 3D feel and look to regular old crockery. Customized wine glasses are great presents for your wine-loving man on his 50th birthday. The personalized surname with the monogrammed initials looks great and will be a memorable choice.

You will definitely need wine glasses to celebrate the milestones that your husband, father, or boss has reached. This classy present will look great for dinner parties, events, or even just sharing an intimate wine session at night with your husband.

18.                        Monogrammed Beer Mug

Does your man enjoy a good brew every now and again? You should get him a personalized beer mug with a monogrammed initial at the center, his name, and even his birth date etched on the front. It is the perfect, unique gift for any man who adores beer. The deeply carved monogram is made with a solid carving technique that ensures every custom design comes out looking meticulous; it will be the right gift for someone who wants a unique idea.

19.                        Monogrammed Coasters

Nobody wants nasty stains on their wooden furniture at home or at work. Getting classy personalized coasters can keep the furniture safe and add glamour to your life. When your husband is entertaining some guests, business partners, or potential clients, using monogrammed coasters can help him impress people.

You can get different materials, designs, colors, and sizes to make sure that you get the perfect coaster for your loved one according to his liking or aesthetic. Getting the coaster personalized can be the cherry on top of an already great gift.

20.                        Monogrammed Shot Glasses

There is definitely no better and crazier party than one where tequila is involved. It really allows you to forget your troubles and sit back to enjoy life. Even at the age of 50 years, you need to make sure that you never forget your youth, which is why it can serve as a great reminder for your loved one. This small gift can be the perfect addition to your bar at home. It is also a great present for shot glass collectors who would love the uniqueness and thoughtfulness behind the gift. It is a present that can be used for a long time and lead to some fun times! The monogrammed shot glasses will look classy and soon become his favorite gift!

21.                        Toasting Flutes

You and your man definitely have a lot of fun and memorable events coming up after reaching 50 years. There are many moments to look forward to where you would need toasting flutes to mark the beginning of another milestone. Monogrammed toasting flutes can be a reminder to celebrate all the good things happening in your life. Toasting to good fortune and hard work can be a fun way to show your appreciation and gratefulness in your life.

Tips for Throwing the Best Birthday Party

Now that you have the perfect present in mind for your man, here is how you can throw the best 50th surprise birthday party!

Become a Detective

If you are planning a surprise birthday party for someone, you probably know them well already. However, it is still vital to find out if there is something particular they would like without letting them know what’s happening. You can start asking questions about some parties they enjoyed being at. You can also look through a magazine or Pinterest together and comment on events, asking them questions about décor and food without being too obvious about it.

What Would He Like?

Putting yourself to his shoes when you are planning the party is a great strategy. What is the one thing they would want at the party? What drink do they love? Would they like a themed party? Think about such things till the end of the party. You will start to get a good idea of what the party should look like. You can start a list that will help you dictate the flow and look of the evening.


When you have a date in mind, you should make an itinerary for all the different tasks that need to be complete, including everything you have to make or buy for the party. Allocating a role for every person can help design a great party since you don’t have to be stressed about doing everything yourself. Planning a party for your loved one can be great fun, but it is a lot of work. Besides, other people may want to help out since. It can take the pressure off and make sure that everyone is in a party mood.

Take Inspiration From Around You

You may be planning on a theme or a color scheme for the night. You should start off with something that you know he will definitely like. This can be a TV show that he likes or a color that they enjoy wearing. A themed party can be the perfect way to show that you support what they like, and the personal touch can make for a memorable event.

Social Media

When you have a team of party planners on board, you can create a Whatsapp group chat or a private group on Facebook. This can make communication and organization easier without the risk of him finding out about the secret. Plus, all the information can be in one location, and it will be easier to invite people too.


If you are planning a really formal event to celebrate his 50th birthday, you should make sure to allow people to RSVP through the phone or email. Keep it simple so that you can keep track of everyone who is attending without any confusion. If the event is informal, sending an invite through Facebook event invites, phone calls, or text can be enough.

The Music

Music is an essential element of any party since it is so emotive. You should decide whether you want to create a playlist or get a DJ for the party. Whatever option you are going for, you should think about what the guest of honor would like to listen to. What is their preferred style of music or their favorite song? Another nice thing you can do is ask everyone to dedicate one song to him.

Do make sure that you keep the noise levels low unless you are planning a crazy rave party. You want people to be able to talk to each other without shouting.

Don’t Overlook the Smell

One important thing to remember for the party is the smell. You can use lovely scented candles, which will make the room smell nice as well add some classy lighting to the place. You can also go for diffusers if you think the candles aren’t safe.

Food Is the Most Important

When it comes to throwing a party, food is the most important factor that can make or break a party. Consider who the party is for and get food that you know they would like. If you are throwing a themed event or have a particular style in mind, you will be able to come up with a nice list of food items.

If you want the guests to be able to mingle and dance freely, you can have a buffet of light snacks and food that people can eat with one hand while sipping their drink from the other. If you are going to sit down for food, you can have a nice meal planned with different courses.

You should also keep in mind that some people may have dietary requirements that shouldn’t be too complicated. You can have a buffet or sharing platters that will keep every guest happy. You can have one spicy dish or keep the spice in the condiments or sides. You will also need to have vegetarian options so that no one feels left out.

Keep a Stock

If you are ordering food instead of cooking, it is always better to over-order rather than leaving some people hungry. You can always polish off the leftovers after the party or send people home with doggy bags rather than having hungry guests because the food ran out. The alcohol options should also be stocked so that you don’t have to worry about running to the store on the day off to keep the party going.

Have a Budget

While planning for his 50th birthday, you don’t want to empty the bank account. If you have a limited budget, the highest cost will be the alcohol or the venue. To save costs, you can have the party at someone’s home and make it a BYOB party.

Picking the Right Day

When it comes to making sure there are enough people around, you should pick the right day to throw the party. Making sure that the guest of honor is free on the day off is also vital. To make sure that it a big surprise, you can do it in advance so that they never see it coming.


You have everything you need to make sure his day is really special now. From 50th birthday gift ideas for men to throw a great surprise party, you can really make him look forward to the coming year.

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