There’s nothing as great as celebrating half a century together. If there’s one wedding anniversary that deserves special mentioning is the 50th year anniversary. No wonder it’s even called the golden anniversary. Traditionally, gold is the most prized metal and spending 50 years together signifies how much this union is valued. Even now, the theme has not changed at all. Gold symbolizes wisdom, strength and prosperity for the couple.

For a marriage that has lasted 50 years, there’s nothing better than a golden gift. You just have to go all out, no excuses! But we wouldn’t want to add more pressure to you. However, a gift with a touch of gold, even if it’s just a color would definitely do. Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. We have a couple of ideas that may come handy when picking your 50th-anniversary gift.

Almost anything gold goes for this celebration. Whether it’s gold décor that the couple can showcase as part of the interior, or have it as part of a personalized keepsake. But you don’t have to always go gold. Try our customized photo frame that features a curved glass design with a picture of the couple etched right into the glass. It can also be personalized with a heartfelt message right alongside the picture, hence, making it 2-in-1. It can be a framed-picture or unique keepsake.

We have simple but thoughtful gifts that can take the place of any fancy golden watch. For example, our customized anniversary journal where the couple can write down their experience living together up to the 60th anniversary, can always rekindle that old spark and even prompt them to go travel the world and enjoy all the energy they’ve got left. Perhaps they’d actually feel 50 years young again.

If you hail from a fancy family, or the couple has tendencies of bourgie taste, then you can always count on our classic anniversary plates. Such a beautiful, golden plate with details of their marriage life inscribed on it with a heartfelt, touching message as the cherry on top, will do it perfectly. Or maybe you can get them a pair of embroidered luxury robes with golden initials on them. After all, after 50 years of marriage, don’t they deserve to rest?

On that golden tip, there’s no better way to wish the golden marriage prosperity and fruition than a golden vase. You can also send lovely flowers and their names engraved on them just to add that extra personal touch. Our unique talents can come up with great ideas that will please the couple in one way or the other. We guarantee awesome service delivery until our clients are all satisfied. These gifts will sure bring nothing but tears of joy as the couple reminisces all the happy years they’ve spent together.