Did you know wedding anniversaries have been celebrated from medieval times? Husbands and wives would crown each other when they reached 25th, 30th or 50th anniversaries. There is no need to go strictly by tradition and gift your spouse with a crown –she already knows she’s the queen of your heart! – There are other many options to pick from.

As you may know, a 30th anniversary is celebrated with pearls. In Indian mythology, pearls are said to be dewdrops that fell from heaven into the sea. Remember, not all oysters achieve having a perfect pearl within; the same way you had to open several shells until finding that unique, glowy pearl that enamored your heart in the purest form. Pearls represent peace, nobility, and beauty; to make an ad-hoc gift, there is no need to give jewels! You may be inspired by their seductiveness, color, shine, and strength to make that special present to the love of your life.

Search through our catalog and carefully review our many items, we are sure you will find the ideal piece to cherish this fantastic milestone. The first thing it may come to your mind is jewelry! We have precious necklaces, bracelets and rings to adorn the woman of your life! For the husbands, you may try the assortment of cufflinks we carry. Remember all items are customizable!

Do you like to think outside the box? Because we do! There is no absolute need to turn to jewelry to commemorate your pearl anniversary. For your devoted husband, who has matured astoundingly over these 30 years, you can order a customized, leather journal notebook. How about an elegant, gorgeous wine stand, for the couple who has been enjoying toasts together for three decades?

A photo session is 100% called for! If you have a recent picture (or decide to make an exclusive photo shoot for the occasion), you can include an image from your wedding and commemorate being together for 30 years.

If you decide to share your happiness with friends and family, we carry many options to give as party favors or thematic items. You can add your names and the date you are celebrating as well. Plaques, glasses, carafes, paperweights, glass tokens, photo albums, and decanters are often given to celebrate this amazing anniversary.
Seek through our catalog, explore the immense options and decide to celebrate, cherish and treasure the love of your life!