Where has time gone? You and your spouse have been together for two whole decades, and it is time to celebrate it! A 20th anniversary gift must be sweet, thoughtful and heart-touching. At Personalized by Kate, we specialize in giving you the inspiration needed to pick a perfect item, personalize it and gifting it to the love of your life. We know true love lasts forever, that’s why our products are made with the finest materials, meant to endure a lifetime or more!

Reaching the 20th-anniversary milestone is not a mundane thing; you have made it, you have conquered the top of the mountain, through thick and thin you have stood by each other, loving and understanding. That’s definitely worth celebrating! You probably have your children already away from home, or on the verge of flying the nest. Commemorating these two decades is all about reflecting everything you have accomplished together so far and looking forward to new adventures together in the future. A time to be excited about!

According to tradition, China is the gift associated with reaching the second decade milestone. China represents the beauty and elegance in your relationship; at the same time it symbolizes how delicate marriages are, yet you have proved to be an expert on keeping it intact.

At Personalized by Kate, we carry several options of China for you to pick from; from classic, elegant patterns to funky, whimsical ones. If you love to stick to traditions, choose your favorite china, add customization and you will have the ideal present for your spouse –or for the couple, you are celebrating. Anything white or emerald green also represents the 20th anniversary; keep that in mind when selecting an item or party favors, decorations if the couple is having a celebration. (We are saying green balloons, napkins, tablecloths, and every other ornament.)

Anniversary leather journals, photo frames, champagne flutes, decanter sets, photo canvas, and coin sets are just a few of the most popular options we carry; they are all excellent choices, and they are all customizable.
Keep in mind, this special anniversary comes as a reminder of the alone time the couple will enjoy -if they’re not already- due to children going off to college. Many couples take advantage of this and travel together; we do have many items allusive to these adventures such as personalized passport bags, customizable luggage tags, among others!

No matter if you are celebrating with your high school sweetheart or if destiny made your paths cross later in life, two decades together is a joy that must be cherished. Seek through our extensive catalog and select an item that will make your spouse the way it did twenty years ago. Buy her favorite flowers, cook his favorite breakfast, dance your wedding song and look at old pictures. Lets make your 20th anniversary gifts ones that last a lifetime. Enjoy the good times, embrace the new to come!