20 Unique and Memorable Birthday Gifts For Him

It’s better to give than to receive – an ancient adage that may seem absurd when you’re a child looking forward to Christmas morning, but one that turns out to be truer and truer as we grow older. Sure, it’s always nice to buy ourselves something we’ve had our eyes on, and no one turns their nose up at a thoughtful present, but there is something magical about giving another person a gift that they love. And while there’s no bad time to give someone a great gift, birthdays are the perfect occasion to let the ones we love know how much we’ve been thinking about them. They get a great gift, you get the terrific feeling that comes along with giving that gift, everyone’s happy, the end!

Still, though: It can be stressful.

If you have a special someone with a birthday on the horizon, you may be pulling your hair out trying to think of the right birthday gifts for him. You wouldn’t be alone; studies have shown that it’s extremely common to feel stress surrounding the giving of gifts – especially if the recipient is your husband or boyfriend. With this guide, we aim to take some of the stress out of what ought to be a joyful occasion. We’ve come up with 20 unique and memorable birthday gifts for him to help you eliminate the stress and get right to the good part: The giving.

Let’s get started!

#20 – Shuh Duh Fuh Cup Coffee Mug

Is your significant other something of a grump in the mornings? Trust us – we can relate! Sometimes it feels like there’s a half hour first thing in the morning where we could literally commit spontaneous murder if someone says the wrong thing. But hey, that’s what great coffee is for, and nothing gets the point across any better than this Shuh Duh Fuh Cup Coffee Mug. What’s better in the morning than a steaming cup of rich coffee, a moment or two of peaceful silence, and maybe a little bit of a chuckle courtesy of the mug? If your husband or boyfriend suffers from the morning grouches (but otherwise has a sense of humor), this is an excellent birthday gift.

#19 – Name Inside Monogram Flask

Coffee works to get rid of a bad mood in the morning, but what are you supposed to do when that mood persists throughout the day? Well, that’s why the good lord invented alcohol! Give him the gift that keeps on giving with this Name Inside Monogram Flask, a lovely customizable container for all of the ancient elixirs that make bad days bearable. Whether your husband’s drink of choice is whiskey, bourbon, rum, or straight up vodka, this flask will ensure that he never has to wonder where his next drink is coming from. Seriously, though, um, if he is wondering about that, he may have a problem. Otherwise, lay this handsome flask on him and let the good times roll.

#18 – Bold Custom Text Corkscrew

Mentions of a corkscrew-like device can be found in literature dating back to the 1600s, but these invaluable tools are as useful today as they ever were. Fine wines are corked for freshness, which means you need a special instrument to get to the good stuff. Enter this Bold Custom Text Corkscrew. Customizable with any message you want to put on the side, this outstanding corkscrew would make for a great birthday gift – particularly if you pair it with a nice bottle of wine. Available in thirteen color schemes, this corkscrew is an excellent choice for the oenophile in your life.

#17 – Photo Montage Mouse Pad

You love your boyfriend/husband, and you want to find birthday gifts for him that he wouldn’t think to purchase for himself. Well, that’s what makes customization so essential. When you want to turn an ordinary gift into a memorable, thoughtful presentation of love, personalization is the key. Take this Photo Montage Mouse Pad. A mouse pad may not seem like the most extravagant birthday present, but what happens when you decorate it with a collection of photos that mean a lot to him? You get a wonderful, indispensable present that he’ll treasure for years to come.

#16 – Script Name Knife

Today, you’re more likely to find an iPhone in a guy’s pocket than a knife. Well, that’s fine and good, but there’s something to be said for the old ways. A great pocket knife has nearly as many uses as that ubiquitous phone, and most of them are a lot more practical. Excellent for everything from opening packages to cleaning your fingernails in a pinch, a knife is one of those things that never goes out of style. This Script Name Knife puts a personalized spin on an old classic, and we’re certain that he’ll be thrilled to get it for his birthday.

#15 – Encircled Monogram Wallet

Say, speaking of carrying things in one’s pocket, check out this Encircled Monogram Wallet. If your husband or boyfriend is anything like us, he’s probably well overdue for a new wallet. Guys tend to carry these things around long past their expiration date, wearing them threadbare with their constant use and their overstuffed folds. If your significant other’s wallet looks like it has been through the ringer a time or two, give him the gift of an update in a customized style he’ll love from the first moment he lays eyes on it.

#14 – Home Sweet Home Custom Cutting Board

Does your man know his way around the kitchen? Well, there’s perhaps nothing more essential (and overlooked) in the kitchen than a good, solid cutting board. That’s why we’re suggesting this Home Sweet Home Custom Cutting Board. Not only is it made from fine bamboo, it is customizable with the exact coordinates of your home! This makes it a great housewarming present, naturally, but it’s also a terrific birthday gift for the aspiring chef in your life.

#13 – Simple Custom Text Beer Mug

According to a CNN article from April 2020, beer sales went through the roof with the unfortunate introduction of the coronavirus pandemic. But even though consumers have been looking for lower-calorie alcoholic alternatives in our increasingly health-conscious nation, the truth is that beer sales have been doing quite well for years. This is especially true when it comes to craft brews, which have surged over the last decade. If your man is a connoisseur of fine beers, he deserves a great glass to drink them out of. Consider this Simple Custom Text Beer Mug, a customizable birthday present that adds style, class, and fun to the beer-drinking experience.

#12 – Century Condensed Font Name Plate

In today’s competitive office environment, employees looking for the next big advantage can’t afford to miss even the slightest detail. Is your husband or boyfriend trying to make the most of a corporate career? Are they trying to get a private practice off the ground? Well, when pondering the best birthday gifts for him, don’t overlook the possibility of sprucing up his office. And there’s no better way to do that than with this Century Condensed Font Name Plate, available in both handsome plain wood and with a glossy name plate on the front. Who knows – this detail alone could be the thing he needs to climb the next rung of the ladder.

#11 – I Woof it Down Pet Bowl

Hey, not every great birthday gift is actually FOR the recipient, you know? Plenty of people prefer that their friends give a donation to charity rather than buy them a present they don’t need. Others take gift cards, only to turn around and use those funds to buy presents for their loved ones. So the idea of buying him a gift that isn’t actually for him…well, it isn’t that radical. In fact, it can be downright sweet. So if your significant owner is a proud dog owner, he may appreciate this lovely “I Woof It Down” Pet Bowl. It isn’t just a humorous bowl for the pet food; its bright colors make it a stylish accent to any home.

#10 – Custom Text Slate Sign

Speaking of stylish home accents, don’t overlook those decorations when shopping for birthday gifts for him. Guys are accustomed to buying themselves the latest power tools, outfitting themselves with the clothes they like, and finding the latest tech gadgets. When it comes to decorations, though, these things can tend to slip through the cracks. That’s why we love this Custom Text Slate Sign – whether he decides to hang it indoors or outside, it will bring a sense of warmth and welcoming to his house. Add the message or identifiers of your choice, and you’ll have a customized gift he’ll adore.

#9 – Name Inside Monogram Wine Tumbler

Hey, are you looking for a great gift to go with that personalized corkscrew we mentioned earlier? Well, along with the obvious – a bottle of good wine – why not give him this Name Inside Monogram Wine Tumbler? These replace the traditional stemmed wine glass by insulating the contents against the inevitable warmth of the hand – in other words, they make the stem obsolete. These cool tumblers are trendy, manly, and much less breakable than an ordinary wine glass. If your man wants to stock his home bar with the latest in drinkware, this tumbler is a no-brainer.

#8 – Intertwined Monogram Wood Sign

It’s all the rage these days for a guy to carve out for himself a “man cave” in the house. That’s where he can retreat from the family, turn on the game, spend some hours with the PlayStation, drink a few cold ones, and unwind from a long day at work. If your husband is like most guys, he would prefer you spend as little time in his man cave as humanly possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help him spruce it up a little! This Intertwined Monogram Wood Sign will add a sophisticated touch to any man cave – frankly, this thing is so modern and cool, it would go nicely right in the living room! Of course, you might have something to say about that…

#7 – Leather Name Inside Monogram Coasters – Set of 4

While we’re on the subject of the ol’ man cave, let’s be clear: Guys aren’t any less concerned about getting water rings on their furniture than women. Help him protect his man cave furnishings with this sleek Leather Name Inside Monogram Coasters, and he’ll have a place to set his beer the next time he needs to pick up a game controller. Leather coasters are relatively unusual, but they actually work quite well. Not only that, they will give his space that extra bit of customization to help him feel relaxed and “at home” when he’s kicking back.

#6 – Simple Monogrammed Beer Glass

If your man is serious about beer, he needs some serious drinkware. A traditional stein/mug, like the one we recommended above, is only part of the equation. Another important part: A contoured pilsner whose curved edges will help preserve the head and accentuate the aromas of any pour, ensuring that he gets the best possible flavor from every single beer. There’s no better option than this Simple Monogrammed Beer Glass, available in two sizes: 16oz and 23oz. It imparts a personalized touch, it adds class to any home bar, and it’s one of the best birthday gifts for him we can suggest.

#5 – Monogrammed in Shield Pint Glass

Well, if we’re going to cover all the drinkware bases, we would be remiss not to mention the classic pint glass. This is the traditional beer-drinking standby – and for good reason. A good old fashioned pint glass is excellent for demonstrating the clarity of any particular pour, which is really important when it comes to serving both dark and light brews. Connoisseurs will argue whether one beer glass is really superior to any other, but this Monogrammed in Shield Pint Glass will put every argument to rest. Maybe it will make the beer taste better and maybe it won’t. Either way, it will definitely make drinking it a lot more fun.

#4 – Intertwined Initials Luggage Tag

Last time we were at the airport, we saw a lot of confused, frustrated faces at the conveyor belt, all of them watching as mountains of similar-looking luggage went rolling by. If your man is a frequent traveler, you may want to consider getting him this Intertwined Initials Luggage Tag, which will take some of the guesswork out of baggage claim. This tag is not only customizable, it comes in ten different colors, perfect for matching to any luggage scheme he currently has. Perhaps not the most romantic gift, but sometimes the best presents are the ones that are the most practical.

#3 – Monogram in Square Notebook

Anne Frank, who wrote one of the most enduring diaries in human history, once said, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” There’s a reason why a lot of mental health therapists recommend journaling – if you’ve never tried it, it really does help you calm the mind, get down to the heart of whatever is bothering you, and settle in to the present moment. If you really want to give him a great gift, consider this Monogram in Square Notebook. It’s not only a handsome work of art unto itself, it could start him on a habit with benefits too numerous to mention here.

#2 – Custom Text Cigar Cases

Here’s the bad thing about cigars: They aren’t all that transportable. Cigars are great if you only plan to enjoy them at home on the back porch, but what if you want to take a few over to a friend’s house? How do you keep them from getting crushed on the way there? Well, if your man is a cigar aficionado, we highly recommend these Custom Text Cigar Cases. Not only will they keep his cigars intact and protected, the extensive design options, multiple color choices, and custom text will ensure they are a unique part of his collection.

#1 – Happy Birthday Lighter

Well, obviously no cigar man is complete without his trusty lighter. Yeah, yeah, we know that some aficionados are insistent on using matches, but those aren’t always practical. In any event, once he gets a look at this flip-top Happy Birthday Lighter, he’ll never reach for the matches again. Practical, sleek, and refillable, this lighter is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a good stogie every now and again. The fact that its uniquely customizable makes this one of the finest birthday gifts for him that we can suggest.

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