20 Terrific 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

The import of “50” can’t be ignored. Actuarial statistics show that this isn’t usually the case, but it has a nice “halfway” sound, does it not? It certainly has every hallmark of a milestone birthday, and it deserves to be celebrated as such. If you can make it fifty years on this planet with all of life’s ups, downs, twists, and turns, then you darn well deserve to have a party worth remembering. And if your friends can’t manage that, they can at least make sure you get the gifts that will make you glad you lived long enough to receive them!

In a perfect world, we’d begin and end this guide with directions on how to look more like Paul Rudd and less like Wilford Brimley at the age of 50, but we’d probably just mess it up and make you look like late-era Michael Jackson. Instead, we’ll offer you a treasure trove of terrific 50th birthday gift ideas that will land with a bang. Read on for some of our absolute favorites!

#20 – Best Mom Ever Travel Mug

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Available in six bold colors, this Best Mom Ever Travel Mug is a terrific 50th birthday gift idea for the mom on the go. Stopping at Starbucks on the way to work is all fine and well, but it can get expensive! Not to mention, their cups don’t do a great job of actually keeping the coffee hot, meaning you have to seek out a microwave within minutes of arriving at the office. With this travel mug, those problems are a thing of the past. Transfer your Starbucks/Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or simply save some money and bring your coffee from home. A really nice present that will undoubtedly get plenty of use.

#19 – Home Sweet Home Slate Sign

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This is a delightful, customizable gift that puts a stylish twist on an old favorite. This Home Sweet Home Slate Sign sets itself apart with one cool feature: You can put in the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of your house! This is a perfect gift for a traveler – or anyone who enjoys products that go beyond the same-old, same-old. Plus, let’s face it: It’s just cute. This is an especially terrific present for someone who has just moved into a new home and may be feeling a little out of place in their new environment. Nothing like your exact coordinates to let you know exactly where you are!

#18 – Family is Everything Photo Puzzle

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Here’s a 50th birthday gift idea we adore: A personalized puzzle! Does the birthday boy/girl in your life like games and puzzles? Why not treat them to a gift that is simultaneously fun and sentimental with this Family is Everything Puzzle! They’ll have a blast putting together this puzzle that comes with a specialized logo with their family name, address, and date outlined in white on the side of the main picture. This puzzle comes in several sizes and shapes, giving you all the tools you need to turn this into a unique, customizable gift that will earn an instant place in their heart.

#17 – Best Dad Ever BBQ Set

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In any field of craftsmanship, the rule of thumb remains the same: You’re only as good as your tools. This is as true of grilling outdoors as it is of plumbing. If your dad has a big 50th birthday coming up and he likes to spend his time out by the grill, consider getting him this Best Dad Ever BBQ Set. Filled to the brim with the tools he needs to make the most out of any grilled meal, this set will improve his BBQ game from the word go. Handsomely packaged in a wooden case that can be colored in either bamboo or rosewood, this customizable gift is essential for any dedicated pitmaster.

#16 – Monogrammed Beer Glass in Script Font

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It may seem hard to believe, but 70% of your perceptions surrounding flavor relate back to your sense of smell. That’s why it’s so important for a beer lover to have the right glass. A contoured, specially-designed shape can bring out the hidden notes of your favorite IPA and the crisp sharpness of a great lager. If you have a beer-lover in your life coming up on their 50th birthday, think about getting them this Monogrammed Beer Mug in Script Font. Not only is it stylish and customizable, it will ensure they are getting the most out of their favorite beer.

#15 – Personalized Chef Recipe Box

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Nowadays, many home cooks are probably keeping their recipes in a digital format, even if that just means a list of convenient online bookmarks. But there’s something nice about having your recipes right there in the kitchen on paper. You don’t have to go flipping through a million websites, you don’t have to go trying to find the right file on your computer. It’s just easier when everything is right there at your fingertips. This Personalized Chef Recipe Box provides that option in the most attractive possible way, and that’s why we love it as a 50th birthday gift idea.

#14 – Bless Our Home with Love and Laughter Cutting Board

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Speaking of chefs, we have this beautiful Bless Our Home With Love and Laughter Cutting Board that is right in line with the farmhouse chic style that’s all the rage these days. The message is centered between two stalks of wheat, and the board is available in shades of maple, cherry, and walnut, depending on the aesthetic you’re looking to match. There’s really no substitute for a great cutting board, and anyone who knows their way around the kitchen will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

#13 – Best Day Ever Tote

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Few things bring together form, function, environmentalism, and feminism like the ubiquitous tote bag. Equally perfect as a substitute for plastic grocery bags as they are as a bag for all of your beach supplies, the tote is simple and fun. This Best Day Ever Tote brings all of those benefits and combines them with a message of optimism and gratitude that we could use more of in this day and age. Can you really be in a bad mood when your very accessories say that you’re having a great day? We’re sure it’s possible, but maybe it makes it just a little bit harder. For those who are struggling to get through this year with their sanity intact, that little bit might be just enough.

#12 – Name Inside Monogram Wine Tumbler

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Okay, okay, there are always going to be those days when a simple mantra like “best day ever” just doesn’t quite get it. On those days, you need wine. And what better way to enjoy your cabernet than this cute Name Inside Monogram Wine Tumbler? This is the 50th birthday gift idea that everyone can get behind…provided they like wine, stylish drinking tumblers, and having their name printed on their most cherished possessions, that is! And if they don’t like any of that, they probably don’t like anything. Get them a gift card and cut your losses, for goodness’ sakes.

#11 – Personalized Birthday Tiny Heart Necklace

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When you give someone a heart-shaped piece of jewelry, it symbolizes so much more than the gems alone. You are, in a metaphorical sense, giving them a piece of your own heart. You are telling them that you love them and you want them to remember that every time they wear the jewelry you selected. This Personalized Birthday Tiny Heart Necklace is sure to be appreciated and cherished by the beloved woman in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your wife, or just a woman you really care about, this necklace makes for a lovely 50th birthday gift.

#10 – Family Photo Pillow Case

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How amazing is this? Who wouldn’t like to decorate their bed, couch, or home office with a personalized pillow case? With this Family Photo Pillow Case, you can give the gift of a custom pillow that the birthday man/woman will treasure for a lifetime. Search through their Facebook and find just the right family picture, send it in, and you’ll get back a pillow case that brings nothing but pure joy to the recipient! As far as 50th birthday gift ideas go, this one is right up there with our absolute favorites.

#9 – Custom Canvas Prints

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Custom Canvas Prints make great 50th birthday gift ideas for a number of reasons. For one thing, these pieces make for fantastic wall art at a price you won’t find with similarly-sized installations. For another, what piece of art can possibly compete with a blown-up photograph of the people who matter most to you? And our favorite thing about these prints is that they don’t come with that ever-present glare that you get with most framed art/photographs. Put all of these benefits into one, and you come out with a terrific present that is both sentimental and gorgeous.

#8 – Monogrammed Name Humidor

To the uninitiated, this might just look like a handsome box you could use for anything from cigars to video game controllers. But this Monogram + Name Humidor is anything but an ordinary box. This is a genuine cigar humidor, named so because its entire purpose is to control humidity and keep tobacco leaves from expanding and contracting with the whims of the environment. Without such a container, cigars can go from fresh to unsmokable in a matter of weeks. With a great humidor, they will stay in great condition for weeks or even months. This is a terrific monogrammed gift for the discerning aficionado in your life.

#7 – Because Kids Wine Glass

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Some moms don’t have a sense of humor about their role in life. They take parenting very, very seriously, and they can’t see the funny side of – even mildly – joking about the struggles of raising children. For those parents, we would suggest looking at one of our other 50th birthday gift ideas. But if the impending birthday girl is always willing to talk and joke about the “dark” side of parenting, this Because Kids Wine Glass is a great gift. Because let’s face it: Anyone who is honest about the ups and downs of being a mom knows that it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it will just downright drive you to drink.

#6 – #1 Mom Coffee Mug

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All right, so maybe you’re buying for the “other” type of woman – the one who doesn’t care to admit that her kids sometimes drive her up the wall. For her, we recommend getting this #1 Mom Coffee Mug. Available in six beautiful colors, this mug will remind her every morning that – to you, at least – there is absolutely no one more successful at the difficult job of being a mom than her. We even like the idea of pairing this mug with the aforementioned wine glass for a one-two birthday gift punch that will give her a great laugh on this milestone day.

#5 – Compass Name Passport Cover

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Traveling abroad is an expensive luxury, and it’s one that many people cannot afford until they are well established in their lives. This is even more true if they’ve been raising kids – who has the time to schedule a European vacation when little Johnny has to get to soccer practice every afternoon? For this reason, it’s not uncommon for people to wait until their late forties/early fifties to take their first major trip out of the country. To do that, they’ll need a passport before anything else. That makes this Compass Name Passport Cover an excellent present. Many countries require you to have your passport on you at all times, and this cover provides an extra level of security against pickpockets, loss, and plain misplacement. Plus, it’s stylish and customizable, so that’s just a bonus!

#4 – Set of 4 Custom Text Slate Coasters

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Trips around the globe are all well and good, but it’s even more important to outfit your nest with the comforts and accessories that make a house feel like home. This Set of 4 Custom Text Slate Coasters will do just that. More than offering a simple place to set your drink (and avoid those unsightly water rings on the furniture), these coasters are a decorative accent all unto themselves. Make them say anything you want with the custom text feature, and you’ll have a 50th birthday gift that they’ll be certain to use on a daily basis.

#3 – Monogrammed Initials Decanter Set

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Does anything impart a sense of class and sophistication like a whiskey decanter? We’ve lost count of the number of times a rich guy in a movie turns to his clients/friends and offers them a tumbler of golden whiskey from his own private decanter. It was practically another character of the show “30 Rock,” telling you everything you needed to know about NBC’s Jack Donaghy. With this Monogrammed Initials Decanter Set, you will give the recipient more than a place to store their whiskey – you’ll give them an aura of power and fine lifestyle. This is a birthday gift they’ll remember.

#2 – Name Inside Monogram Notebook

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Available in nine striking designs and an array of attractive colors, this Personalized Name Inside Monogram Notebook is the perfect present for the writer in your life. What kind of writing? Well, that doesn’t matter all that much. Perhaps they’ll use a notebook to record little moments of whimsy from a life well observed. Perhaps they’ll pen snatches of poetry while looking out at their favorite pond. Or, you know, maybe they’ll just write their grocery list on the pages within. Like we said, it doesn’t really matter: The point is that this is a terrific little gift and a little throwback to the days when pens were more common than apps.

#1 – Custom Photo Wine Label

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We’re big fans of finding 50th birthday gift ideas that you can’t pick up off the shelf at the nearest department store. Fifty is a big milestone, and it deserves a gift that acknowledges that fact. That’s what we love about this Custom Photo Wine Label. By using a memorable photograph and embossing it with a personalized message, you can turn an ordinary bottle of wine into a totally unique present that can’t be replicated. If you’re the competitive type who wants to give the “best” gift at the party (without spending your life savings), this is the one we recommend.

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