20 Cool Gifts for the Impossible Man

Gifts for the Impossible Man

Some men are easy to shop for. They have clearly-defined interests, well-established hobbies, or a predilection towards a certain style. These traits give you confidence when you go out in search of a great birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, or anniversary present. Count yourself lucky when you’re buying gifts for such a man, because they are almost certainly the exception.

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The rest…well, buying for them can make you want to pull your hair out by the root!

There’s the guy who has everything. He’s hard to buy for because he apparently has no impulse control. When he wants something, he has both the desire and the disposable income to go out and immediately get it for himself, leaving you with nothing when it comes to finding great presents. What are you going to do – knit him an afghan? If he wanted an afghan, he would have already bought it for himself!

Then there’s the guy who has no discernible interests. Do you have a father, husband, or brother who isn’t really “in” to anything? This is another guy who is particularly difficult to buy for. Where would you start? Oh here, dear husband, it’s a pen! I saw you writing with one the other day, soo….

There’s Mr. Picky. This is the guy who, no matter how precisely you ask him about what he might want for his birthday, will turn his nose up at the gift. Oh, we’re sure he’s perfectly polite about it, but that just makes it worse, right? You sit there, waiting anxiously for him to open your gift, ready to see that bright shine in his eyes when he sees how well you did. And then, bust. He squints his eyes, nods uncertainly, and you know you’ve somehow done it again – you’ve disappointed him. What would it take to make this man happy?

If you’re facing the unenviable task for buying for the impossible man, you have our deepest sympathies. But more than that, you have our help. We’ve collected 20 great gifts that are unique, cool, and – best of all – customizable! If none of the following gifts impress him, we don’t know what to tell you. Better get to knitting!

#20 – Custom Cigar Cases

You want choice? You want selection? You want customization? Look no further than this handsome collection of Custom Cigar Cases (Variety B). If your impossible man likes to enjoy a stogie every now and again, he’ll love one of these high-quality cases to keep his cigars fresh and protected until he’s ready to light one up. This collection gives you a whopping SEVEN different customization options for the text on the front and an additional seven options for the color of the case. A great choice for the man who’s hard to buy for!

#19 – Monogrammed with Surname Wallet

Financial expert Suze Orman often says that if a person doesn’t show respect for their money, they can’t expect respect in return. Motivational guru Jim Rohn used to say: If you can’t take care of the small things, how can you expect to receive great things? Both of these pieces of advice come to the same principle: Everything matters, right down to the last detail. If you want to give your impossible man the gift of abundance, start with this Monogrammed with Surname Wallet. It’s a stylish, classy way to store your cash and credit cards, and it sends a crucial message to the universe: I’m ready for more!

#18 – Three Initials + Three Names Humidor

If your impossible man is a cigar lover, he probably already knows the importance of keeping his cigars fresh and ready to smoke. However, he may not have the means to do so properly. If he’s still keeping his cigars in a Ziploc bag or rolling them up in damp paper towels, it’s time for him to graduate to the next stage of cigar care. Giving him this Three Initials + Three Names Humidor will let him raise his cigar game with a combination of quality and customization. If your man keeps his cigars in this humidor (and keeps the humidor at its proper, steady balance of 65% humidity and above), he will be able to keep them fresh for months or even years.

#17 – Grill Sergeant BBQ Set

We’ve noticed that even men who fancy themselves amateur grilling experts are often woefully unprepared when it comes to their BBQ tools. They essentially make do with what they have around the kitchen. We’re not saying that you can’t “get by” with this approach, but eventually the wife gets angry that her prized plastic spatula has been charred and deformed beyond repair by the hot flames of the outdoor grill. Uh, that’s what we’ve heard, anyway. In any event, if your man is a master of the flame, get him this Grill Sergeant BBQ Set and keep him out of your indoor kitchen utensils.

#16 – Compass w/Name Passport Cover

Do you want to know the real secret behind buying a gift for the impossible man? You have to get him something that he would never think of buying for himself. Now, that doesn’t mean getting him some random, inappropriate piece of junk, obviously. It means digging deep into his interests, and then peeling back that one last, hidden layer. A perfect example: This Compass w/Name Passport Cover. Stylish and attractive, this cover will provide your man with extra security whenever he travels abroad. This is the kind of gift that will surprise him and delight him – and that’s when you know you’ve broken past the “impossible man” barrier!

#15 – Thank You Dad for Everything Whiskey Glass

You know, you could almost change the name of the holiday that falls on the third Sunday in June to “Impossible Man to Buy For Day” and it would get the point across just as well. Honestly, is there anyone you struggle to find the right present for more than dear old Dad? It can be tough to avoid resorting to that tired “tie and cufflinks” standby, even if your father has never worn either in his life. That’s why we love this Thank You Dad For Everything Whiskey Glass. This glass is not just a beauty of craftsmanship, it puts across the right sentiment at the right time – whether it be Father’s Day or any other special occasion!

#14 – Home Brew Growler

Say, why don’t we keep the drinking theme going! This lovely, customizable Home Brew Growler is a terrific gift for the guy who has it all. It helps, of course, if said guy has a home brewing hobby, but it’s not completely necessary. Even if the guy in your life simply has a taste for excellent craft beers, this growler can come in very handy. He can take it to the local microbrewery, get a fill of his favorite brew, and keep it in the growler to make sure it loses none of its flavor, potency, or quality between the time he leaves and the time he drinks it. This is a great present for the guy who is ordinarily tough to buy for.

#13 – Photo Mouse Pad

All right, let’s put down the whiskey and the beer and…get to work? If your impossible man works with a computer, he probably uses a mouse. And if he uses a mouse, he needs a mouse pad. More likely than not, he’s using whatever cheap mousepad he picked up from the office, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a great Photo Mouse Pad that can be customized to delight him every single time he sits down at the laptop for a day at the grind. Use any photo he might love – personal or otherwise – and give him something more interesting to look at than the Dell logo.

#12 – Custom Beer Glass

Whew, that’s enough work, let’s get back to the good stuff. If the guy you’re buying for likes to down a cold one or two after a long, hard day at the salt mines, consider getting him this Custom Beer Glass. This piece is not only made from high-quality glass…it not only cuts a smooth, sleek profile…but it is completely customizable, allowing you to etch it with any message you want to put on the front. Whether that means “Happy Birthday,” “Gary’s Beer Glass,” or “Remember the Alamo,” it’s all up to you. One thing’s for sure: He doesn’t have anything completely like this, and the customization options make that a guarantee.

#11 – Thanks Dad I Turned Out Awesome Beer Mug

You want to keep this party going? Let’s keep it going. Our next stop is this fantastic “Thanks Dad, I Turned Out Awesome” Beer Mug, which is made from sturdy, long-lasting glass and etched with a message that is cheeky, hilarious, and heartfelt all at the same time. The next time your Dad pours himself a nice tall mug of that golden nectar, he’ll look at the inscribed message and have himself a smile. What better gift could you possibly give the man who worked so hard to make sure you turned out so…awesome?

#10 – World Famous Grillmaster BBQ Set

Say, what goes better with a nice cold beer than something hot off the grill? If you want to combine the above beer mug with a great secondary gift for your hard-to-buy-for Dad, check out this World Famous Grillmaster BBQ Set. Engraved with a lovely circle-logo that pays tribute to the master of the grill himself, this set is customizable with an “established” and town name at the bottom of the graphic, so you can properly honor your dad on this special day – or, for that matter, any other! If you’ve got a dad who is tough to buy for, this set makes a great gift.

#9 – Marriage An Endless Sleepover Coffee Mug

With all this talk about Father’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas, let’s not forget one of the most challenging gift-giving dates on the entire calendar: Your wedding anniversary! Boy, this one is known to put women in knots as they try to decide what to give their husbands. It’s so precarious – that line between getting them something that’s somewhat romantic but yet not…girly? Here’s an idea: This “Marriage: An Endless Sleepover With Your Favorite Weirdo” Coffee Mug! It’s fun, funny, and it’s a great little gift for your java-loving husband.

#8 – Mr. Mustache Passport Cover

Why does anyone need a passport cover in the first place? Doesn’t it come with a cover straight out of the government? Well, of course it does, and that’s exactly why this is a great gift for the impossible man. If he’s a traveler, this Mr. Mustache Passport Cover is the present he didn’t know he needed. Putting your passport inside a handsome cover like this can help protect it from getting stolen, cut down on the chances of losing it, and add a certain amount of style to an otherwise boring booklet. If you’re pulling out your hair trying to find something he doesn’t have, your search is over.

#7 – Monogrammed with Surname Wine Glass

If you’re coming up on a gift-giving deadline and you’ve yet to come up with anything for that hard-to-buy-for man in your life, a nice bottle of wine could be just the thing to save you. No, we don’t mean popping the cork and drinking until you forget your dilemma. (Although.) We mean giving him a bottle of wine for the special occasion. But why not take that simple, classic gift to the next level? Pair it with this Monogrammed with Surname Wine Glass, and you’ve got a present that he’ll cherish and remember.

#6 – Happy Father’s Day Pint Glass in Block Text

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, we love high-quality pint glasses – especially for those men who are tough to buy for. So let’s take a look at another one: This Happy Father’s Day Pint Glass! Available in both 16 and 25 oz varieties, this glass is perfect for the dad with a hearty thirst. On the front, in block letters, is the white engraving: Happy Father’s Day. Below, in script, we have the kicker: Love, your favorite child. So it’s not just a great gift for your dad, it’s also a sly way to throw a friendly jab at your siblings. What more do you want out of a present?

#5 – World’s Greatest Dad Coffee Mug

With all this high-quality drinking we’ve got going on here, it might be hard to get up and get moving in the morning! That’s why we’ve decided to include this World’s Greatest Dad Coffee Mug as a counterbalance to the wonderful drinking glasses that have dotted this list. The great thing about this mug is that it can be customized to include your name (and that of your sibling, if you like) at the bottom of the cup. Just a little reminder to Dad that he’s enjoying your special Father’s Day gift when he pours himself a steaming hot cup of coffee on a cold morning!

#4 – Sorry For What I Said Nautical Cutting Board

Butchers and chefs have used wood as a primary cutting board material for more than 100 years, and that’s more of an endorsement than we could ever come up with ourselves. If your impossible man knows his way around the kitchen (and, perhaps, enjoys taking the boat out on nice summer days), then we can’t recommend this gift highly enough: The Sorry For What I Said While Docking the Boat Nautical Cutting Board. Suffice to say, if you’ve ever struggled to dock a boat, no further explanation is needed about the sentiment.

#3 – You’re One of My Favorite Parents Father’s Day Pint Glass

As we’ve noted, this has been an alcohol-soaked list thus far, so we think it’s only fitting that we wrap it up with three of our absolute favorite gifts from this perennial category. We’re convinced that you can’t go wrong by buying your impossible man a terrific beer glass…as long as he actually drinks the stuff, of course. And so here we have the last Dad-specific present on our list: A Father’s Day pint glass with the comedic line: “You’re One Of My Favorite Parents.” Customizable with the name of the gift-giver, this is a great present for any lager-loving Dad.

#2 – Mr. Beer Mug

This is a perfect anniversary gift for the impossible-to-buy-for husband, a great dad, a wonderful boyfriend, or any guy in your life who likes to throw back a couple of cold ones every now and again. Beer tastes best out of a good glass, and they don’t come better than this Mr. Beer Mug, which is simply designed with the word “Mr.” etched on the front of the glass in white script font. If you have a man in your life who is still drinking straight from the bottle, give him this gift and upgrade his beer-drinking experience.

#1 – Name Inside Monogram Decanter Set

And finally we come to this, our pièce de resistance. If this list was a little heavy on the drinkware, then it’s only fitting that we wrap it up with one of the finest sets of high-quality glass we’ve ever seen. This Name Inside Monogram Personalized Decanter Set is a lovely, classy, stylish way to show the impossible man in your life that you know what he wants…even if he doesn’t!

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