17 Outstanding Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

When it comes to buying gifts for people, some folks are easier to please than others. There are those blessed people who tell you exactly what they want, taking all of the guesswork out of the equation. Then there are those who are such open books that you know precisely what to buy them when their birthday comes around. And then there are even those special people in our lives who will literally love anything we get them, simply because it came from us. Buying gifts for people like this is rewarding and easy.

And then there are those who seemingly have it all.

These people can be a challenge to buy for, because you look around their house and they seem to have already purchased everything they could possibly want or need! What gift could you get them that would add anything to their life? It can be frustrating to rack your brain for the perfect gift when the object of your generosity is already set! What to do?

Well, here are a few tips we’ve used to make the best out of a difficult situation:

Dig Into Their Memories – No matter how many material possessions a person has, they will almost always treasure their memories more than “stuff.” You can take advantage of this common trait by using old photographs to create memorable, custom presents that will instantly transport them back to that special time.

Give Them New Memories – Better even than giving them a trip down Memory Lane, you can gift them an experience that they can add to their already-rich collection of memories! Try to determine if there’s anything they’ve always wanted to do and never had the opportunity. Maybe they always wanted to go horseback riding or parasailing. Whatever it is, you can sign them up, get them a gift card, and let them experience something new and exciting.

Give Them Your Attention – People are often criticized for being “attention-seekers,” but the truth of the matter is that all of us have a certain craving for others’ attention. Some may take that craving to an extreme, surely, but rare is the individual who doesn’t appreciate…simply being acknowledged and paid attention to, even if it’s just one on one. Perhaps especially if it’s one on one. When you’re looking for gifts for someone who has everything, don’t overlook the gift of your own time.

Give Them Something Delicious – Even if there’s a person in your life who has it all, they don’t necessarily have it “right now.” For instance, do they have a beautiful chocolate cake sitting in front of them? Do they have some of your regionally-famous fudge brownies? Do they have a bottle of that terrific wine you discovered when you took that trip to Napa? The gift of delicious consumables is always appreciated!

Give Them a Subscription – Renewable, ongoing gifts are great when shopping for someone who has everything. You can buy them a year-long subscription to their favorite magazine or newspaper. You can purchase them an ongoing pass to a popular app or website. You can even get them one of those “fruit of the month” style baskets – they have them now for colognes, makeup, coffee, and even dog treats! Arguably the best part of any gift is the moment you open it, so why not give them that moment 12 different times?

Of course, one of the best ways to circumvent the dreaded “oh, they have everything” dilemma is to buy them a gift that is one-of-a-kind. We’ve curated a list of wonderful gifts for someone who has everything, and we’ve relied quite heavily on customizable presents that – even if they have something LIKE the gift in question – they certainly won’t have in their home. Read on for some of our absolute favorite ideas!

17 – Custom Canvas Prints

Shop Custom Canvas Prints >

Remember how we talked about the wonderful gift of memories? Well, this is a beautiful way to bring that kind of gift to fruition. Chances are, in this world of Instagram and Facebook, the person you’re buying for is not in any danger of running out of available photographs. That’s just what happens when everyone walks around with a 12-megapixel camera in their pockets. But there’s a big difference between a photo on your social media page and a gorgeously-rendered photo presented on a custom canvas wall-hanging. Take one of their most precious photos and give them a terrific way to show it off!

16 – Supermom Wine Tumbler

Shop Personalized Wine Tumblers >

Available in 14 beautiful color options, this Supermom Wine Tumbler is a fancy (yet affordable) custom gift for any mom who likes sampling the best of the vineyard. We mentioned in our tips that delicious consumables make for great gifts for someone who has everything, but we didn’t mention that these gifts really pop when paired with a material present like this. So why not get her a lovely bottle of wine along with this attractive tumbler; the combination is sure to please even the most difficult recipients.

15 – Mr. & Mrs. Beer Mug Script Font

Shop Personalized Beer Mugs >

If the person you’re shopping for isn’t much of a wine drinker, maybe they prefer the world’s greatest golden elixir: Beer! This beer mug is a thoughtful and fun gift for any couple that likes to unwind after a hard day with their favorite ale. If you happen to know precisely what beer they enjoy (or you know one they ought to try), you can pair this gift with a six-pack of brew for an awesome combo present. Maybe they’ll even invite you to have a seat and join them for a cold one. If they arent a beer person we have plenty of personalized glasses.

14 – I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie BBQ Set

Shop Custom BBQ Sets >

Shopping for someone who is only fully in their element when they have an apron on, a metal spatula in their hand, and a nice, searing fire roaring in the grill? This functional and hilarious “I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie” BBQ Set is the gift you’ve been looking for. Available in a handsome bamboo case with a loving Father’s Day message, this present is perfect for those dads who are hard to shop for. And who knows? You might just encourage him to fire up the grill and make you up something delicious for dinner!

13 – Custom Crown Birthday Cake Topper

Shop Custom Cake Toppers >

Don’t we all deserve to be kings and queens on our birthdays? Don’t we feel, just a little bit, like this day should be all about US? Well, with this Birthday Cake Topper, you can make the special person in your life feel every bit as important as they ought to feel on a day like this. Placed atop their favorite kind of cake (remember delicious consumables?), and you have a present that works for anyone at any age. If you’re too old to enjoy cake…well, is that even a concept we need to worry about?

12 – Home Sweet Home Photo Coasters Set of 4

Shop Personalized Photo Coasters >

Personalized Photo Coasters are a lovely gift that brings that magical, personalized touch to one of the most common objects in any household. This particular set of 4 includes not only three customized photo coasters but a fourth that says “Home Sweet Home” in conjunction with the exact coordinates of the house in question. You supply the pictures and the coordinates, and what you get in return is a perfect gift for someone who has everything.

11 – Custom Text Flask

Shop Personalized Flasks >

If you’re shopping for someone who has an appreciation for fine spirits, this Custom Flask will be a guaranteed hit. With the custom text option, you can add any message you want. By taking advantage of this option, you take the impersonal and make it unique and special – the sure hallmarks of a great present. While a flask is an obvious choice for anyone who likes to nip on the hard stuff every now and again, don’t immediately rule it out for non-drinkers. It is increasingly trendy for abstainers to fill their flasks with non-alcoholic beverages like flavored water. These handsome flasks come in three colors: Matte Black, Black Leather, and Brown Leather. If you’re purchasing gifts for a group, you may even choose to go with all three varieties! Whiskey glasses go great with this gift.

10 – Pet Photo Pillow Case

Shop Personalized Pillow Cases >

During the quarantines of 2020, many Americans realized how much they had undervalued the comfort and companionship of those four-legged friends we call pets. Having a loyal pal that will never, ever leave you or judge you? That’s worth its weight in gold. If you know someone who truly values their dog, cat, iguana, monkey, or domestic hippopotamus, this Pet Photo Pillow Case will let them put that adoration into their interior design. Perfect for a bed or a sofa, this pillow case (available with or without a pillow) is colorful, fun, and it makes a great tribute to our furry friends. Oh, and tell your friend that keeping a hippo is really dangerous!

9 – Career Coffee Mugs

Shop Custom Career Coffee Mugs >

Speaking of 2020, the pandemic served to clarify just how important certain jobs are in our society. While we firmly believe that every job is “essential” – not least to the person who has it and their families who depend on the income – it can’t be denied that some jobs are really crucial to our country as a whole. If the person on your gift-buying list has a special job that deserves recognition, why not get them one of these Career Coffee Mugs? These adorable mugs pay tribute to teachers, doctors, and more with terrific, eye-catching designs and sayings.

8 – Those We Love Don’t Go Away Engraved Cross

“Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every single day.” That’s the inspiring and powerful message engraved on this amazing gift. If someone in your life has recently experienced a dreadful loss, it can be difficult to know how to provide comfort. Will you be imposing? Will you strike the wrong note and make things worse? These internal questions can paralyze us, sometimes to the point where we say nothing. And yes, sometimes that may be best. But not always. Trust your intuitions, and give a gift like this if you feel that it might be appreciated. You never know – it may be just the message they need.

7 – Name Date & Attributes Notebook

Shop Personalized Notebooks >

There’s something so powerful about keeping a journal. Whether you use it to pour your heart all over the page, get rid of your negative emotions, or simply keep a careful chronicle of your daily life, it can be a revelatory practice. Not only is it rewarding at the time, you will slowly but surely build up a treasure of wisdom and memories that you’ll return to again and again. Giving someone a book with blank pages may not sound like much of a gift, but if they fill those pages with their own experiences, it will be more valuable than any other book on the shelves.

6 – Cooking Together Custom Cutting Board

Shop Custom Cutting Boards >

The couple that cooks together…eats together? It would be presumptuous to assume anything more, but we can say that cooking together in harmony can be a very special time for connection, teamwork, and fun. If you know a couple that loves nothing more on date night than to meet in the kitchen for an hour or so of culinary creation, this Custom Cutting Board is a great way to pay tribute to their love. Even if they already have a cutting board (or two), this one will undoubtedly earn a special place on their kitchen counter.

5 – Initial In Laurel Wallet

Shop Personalized Wallets >

Every man knows how important a good wallet is. Reliably in your back pocket every time you leave the house, it is the secret repository of your driver’s license, your credit cards, your favorite photos, and even a few of those pesky membership cards that every retailer seems to insist on these days. As much as we talk about the fact that our entire lives are in our phones these days, a good bit of it is contained in that little square piece of folded leather in your pocket. If you’re going to give that much trust to any object, it should at least be high quality. Give the gift of that quality with this Initials in Laurel Wallet.

4 – Best Day Ever Tote

Shop Personalized Tote Bags >

Are totes not the most useful bags ever? Move over purses, a great tote is where it’s at! Want to spend a day at the beach? Bring along a tote for your sunscreen, towels, and sunglasses! Want to pick up a few things at the supermarket? Bring along a tote so you can skip out on the wasteful plastic bags! Need to bring your laptop somewhere? Throw it into your tote and head out with confidence! If you’re shopping for someone who has everything, get them this Best Day Ever Tote and put your indecisive woes behind you for good!

3 – Three Initials Travel Handle Mug

Shop Personalized Travel Mugs >

What comes in six colors, will keep your beverage ice cold (or piping hot), and makes for a perfect companion throughout a busy day? You guessed it: It’s this Three Initials Travel Mug w/Handle. We’ve gotten to the point that we love our travel mug so much that we drink from it even when we’re not going anywhere! You may be able to relate, if you have a favorite cup of your own. They may be simple drink receptacles on the surface, but it’s funny how attached you can get to them. Give this gift to someone who needs a better way to transport their drinks, and it just may end up meaning a lot more to them.

2 – Bold Name Date Knife

Shop Personalized Knives >

There’s really nothing better than a sharp, attractive knife. Well, when you need to cut something, that is! You may prefer your iPhone or your car or that comfy pillow on your bed, but try opening up an Amazon package with one of those things. Take it from us: It doesn’t go well! Carrying knives is somewhat out of fashion these days, but we’re not really sure why. Maybe it’s just proof that not everything gets better with time. Bring back a more adventurous age with the gift of this Personalized Knife. Chances are pretty good that even someone who has everything doesn’t have anything like this.

1 – Sloth Wood Sign

Shop Personalized Wood Signs >

Over the last few years, the gentle, slow-moving sloth has taken over the unicorn as the nation’s most popular animal. And no wonder! First of all, the sloth is an actual living creature (sorry to disappoint those who of you who may still believe in unicorns). Second, what’s not to like? Who among us, in our busy, jam-packed days, can’t find some envy in our heart for an animal so at peace with its surroundings that it takes a leisurely MONTH just to digest a single leaf? This Wooden Sign is perfect for someone who loves these adorable animals and their take-it-as-it-comes lifestyle.

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