17 Great Beer Gifts

17 Great Beer Gifts That Will Bring Joy to the Heart of Any Ale-Lover

Belly up to the bar and let’s talk about the greatest gift nature ever gave to man: Beer!

As Ben Franklin famously said,

“Beer is proof that the good lord loves us, and he wants us all to be happy.”

Now, just because this is an oft-cited misquote (our man Ben was actually talking about vineyards), we won’t let that take away from the truth of the quote. Beer is great after a long, hard day at work, at the end of a punishing and stressful week, or – let’s face it – just about any other time. And beer is enjoying a national moment in the sun these days, spurred on by an unprecedented explosion in craft breweries, a gobsmacking fridge full of varieties at any major grocery store, and a highly-active community of connoisseurs online.

As much as beer’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last several years, however, it’s not as if the country just discovered this wonderful beverage the day before yesterday. A guy named Charlie Papazian was responsible for putting the boosters into the beer rocket way back in the 1970s when he started encouraging home brewers to make their own specialty beers. Why wait for your local bar to stock the beer you like when you can make it yourself? Papazian’s beer-centric activism led to the formation of the American Homebrewers Association in 1978, which today has grown to more than 40,000 members.

All this to say: Beer is more popular than ever, and that means you almost surely have some lovers of lager in your life. When it comes to those loved ones and their next birthday, the next special occasion, or the next “just for the hell of it” moment, why not get them a terrific beer gift that will let them know you were really thinking about them?

Not sure what to choose? We’ve picked out 17 of our favorite beer gifts to help you get started! Maybe – just maybe – you’ll find just the right gift for the beer lover in your life.

17 – Serif Name Inside Monogram Beer Glass

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer.” So proclaimed Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic bodybuilding documentary “Pumping Iron.” But while the Austrian Oak may have been crystal clear about where he stands on the beer/milk debate, he didn’t make any mention of the best way to drink that sudsy goodness. We tend to think he might appreciate this gorgeous Serif Name Inside Monogram Beer Glass; however, if you have a beer-loving couple in your life, consider gifting them this personalized treasure that will hold a special place in their cabinet for years to come!

Did you know? The ancient Code of Hammurabi prescribed the death penalty for bartenders who watered down their beer.

16 – Personalized Arrow in Heart Beer Mug

Whether you want to get this charming Personalized Arrow in Heart Beer Mug for someone who has stolen your heart or someone who is in a love affair with this golden nectar, it makes for an adorable symbol of friendship…or more. Put the lovebird couple’s initials inside the heart, and they’ll have a fine mug that will double as a testament to their undying adoration for each other.

Did you know? When asked about American Prohibition, legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill deemed it “an affront to the whole history of mankind.”

15 – Monogrammed Beer Glass in Script Font

We have a few monogrammed beer gifts on our list, but we’re not sure any of them match the stylishness and class of this one. Pick up this Monogrammed Beer Glass in Script Font when you want to present your friend or loved one with a gift of unparalleled elegance and sophistication. This is one glass where mere words can’t really do it justice. The way the letters curve and slope at the top of a tall glass of beer is really quite extraordinary. Put simply: We love this one!

Did you know? There is a Buddhist temple in Thailand constructed out of more than a million recycled beer bottles. Talk about nirvana!

14 – Craft Brew Growler

Do you have someone in your life who is really, really passionate about craft beer? Well, they will surely appreciate this handsome Craft Brew Growler, which gives them the perfect way to bring a large sample of their favorite beer home from the local brewery/pub. Alternatively, this excellent growler can be used by home brewers to store new batches of beer without the risk of losing flavor and kick. Personalizable for additional gift-giving greatness.

Did you know? In the early part of the 20th century, people came up with a new word to describe free time spent drinking beer: Alcoholiday!

13 – Best Dad Ever Beer Mug

Father’s Day only comes around once a year, but there’s no particular reason to wait around for that June day to bestow this terrific Best Dad Ever Beer Mug on your patriarch. Whether you buy this wonderful mug on your own papa, your husband, or another proud Dad in your life, you can rest assured that it will be appreciated (and used frequently) by any man who enjoys a great beer at the end of another hard day of parenting.  

Did you know? You can pour some beer into your marinade to make the meat more tender. The acids in beer do an efficient job of breaking apart the proteins that toughen the meat.

12 – Monogrammed with Surname Beer Glass

The first monogrammed beer glass we introduced you to is an excellent gift for the guy or gal who appreciates the swirling beauty of script and calligraphy. On the other hand, this Monogrammed with Surname Beer Glass is perfect for the lady or gent who prefers boldness to subtlety. Think the difference between someone who likes a powerful, bitter IPA and someone who enjoys a light, drinkable lager. This standout glass is the IPA of beer gifts.

Did you know? Archaeologists have discovered stores of beer and malt in the tombs of the Pharaohs – a little something to keep these leaders hydrated and sustained in the Great Hereafter.

11 – Home Brew Growler

Here’s another great gift for the craft brew enthusiast/home brewer in your life. This Home Brew Growler is a bold alternative to the first growler we talked about, and it is no less capable of keeping your special beer safe, secure, and eminently drinkable for weeks. While the example says “Dad’s Home Brew,” you can personalize the name to say just about anything. Pick this one up for the man or woman in your life who is serious about their beer.

Did you know? Some historians believe that the people who built the Great Pyramid of Giza were paid with daily allotments of beer.

10 – Monogrammed in Shield Beer Glass

Okay, we’ve already talked about a couple of monogrammed gifts so far, but this one is really special. This Monogrammed in Shield Beer Glass is the perfect present for the guy or gal who likes a bit of theatricality to go along with their favorite brew. The monogram is centered inside an ornate shield, the way you might imagine the kings of old would appreciate. Underneath the shield, you can add further personalization with the recipient’s first or last name in full. A terrific way to enjoy a terrific beer.

Did you know? At the Most Creative Fried Food contest at the 2010 Texas State Fair, fried beer took home the top prize. Yummy!

 9 – Family Name Beer Mug in Script Font

We really love this Family Name Beer Mug in Script Font. This makes for a thoughtful gift to a couple on their anniversary, a meaningful present for the wedding day, or just an anytime gift for the beer loving couple in your life. Engrave the family name in beautiful scrolling script font and then finish it off with a lovely “Established” date. This is one of those great gifts that is both functional and sentimental. If everyone in the family is of legal age, get one for every member of the clan!

Did you know? Because the fermentation process made it safer to drink than water, beer was the drink of choice for those who lived in medieval Europe. It is estimated that the average person drank up to 250 liters of the stuff every year!

8 – Personalized Mr. Beer Mug

Now, the name of this Personalized Mr. Beer Mug may make you think of a cartoon character who goes on alcohol-soaked adventures with his sidekick (and lover) Miss Wine, but that’s not precisely what this great beer gift is all about. No, you simply personalize the mug with “Mr. [Last Name Here]” and you have a wonderful customized mug that will act as a lovely tribute to the man of the house. We do want to see that cartoon, though, now that we’re thinking about it.

Did you know? U.S. Presidents have come up with some memorable quotes over the last 250 years, but we’re not sure any president hit the nail on the head like FDR at the end of Prohibition. He said, “What America needs now is a drink.” Here’s to that!

7 – Bride Over Groom Initials Beer Mug

If you’re looking for the perfect present to give the newlywed couple in your life, consider this Bride Over Groom Initials Beer Mug. It’s sure to be a hit with any newly-married couple that enjoys sampling new beers together. The initials on this handsome mug are beautifully set in bold font, separated by a sharp horizontal line that symbolizes a lifetime of togetherness. Of course, just because this mug is characterized as a “bride and groom” piece, you can put any letters you wish in the customization boxes, so don’t let that limit your imagination. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a terrific wedding gift – or even if you’re looking to outfit the reception bar – this mug does the trick quite nicely.

Did you know? If you win the Wife Carrying World Championships (?!), you’ll take home the wife’s weight in beer!

6 – Only The Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa Beer Mug

While many of the gifts on our list today are versatile in their appropriateness – you could give many of them to just about anyone, for any occasion – we wanted to include one where its specific and limited appeal is part of the charm. This Only The Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa Beer Mug is pretty much just appropriate for one person and only under one condition. But if you have a proud papa or a doting husband who is welcoming his first grandchild into the world, this mug just about says it all. A wonderful present to celebrate a wonderful moment in a man’s life!

Did you know? According to Viking mythology, Valhalla is home to a giant goat who can be “milked” to provide unlimited quantities of beer. This is the kind of farm we want to visit!

5 – Script Font Groomsmen Bottle Opener

Beer gifts are terrific for every occasion, but they are especially timely when you give them as presents to your wedding party. If you’ve been looking high and low for an appropriate gift to hand out to your groomsmen, look no further than this Script Font Groomsmen Bottle Opener. Nothing’s worse than pulling an ice cold beer out of the fridge only to realize that it’s not a screwed top. Now what? Bang it against the counter and risk spilling foam and beer all over the floor? No way. This slick bottle opener gives you the key to unlock that perfect beer, and now you can grant that key to every member of your groom’s party.

Did you know? Beer doesn’t always originate from yeast and hops. In Africa, there is a beer that comes from bananas!

4 – Vertical Monogrammed Beer Glass

This is similar in style to the Bride and Groom mug we talked about earlier, but now you can get the same style in this lovely Vertical Monogrammed Beer Glass. This is the perfect present for a couple (both of their first initials) or for just one person (their first and last initials) Hey, you can even take it beyond those options and engrave letters that represent an organization, a law office, or just a special message that means something to you and the recipient. Whatever you choose to do, you can do it stylishly with this sleek and curvy glass.

Did you know? Astronomers have discovered a cloud near the Aquila constellation that is filled with enough ethyl alcohol to produce 400 trillion-trillion pints of beer.

3 – Name Inside Monogram Beer Mug

This is a really special gift that you can give on any occasion, for any reason at all. Handsomely engraved and personalized with a large initial and the person’s name, this Name Inside Monogram Beer Mug is sure to take your friend’s drinking to the next level – in a good way! Who wouldn’t appreciate the idea of sitting down after a long day of work and pouring a tall, golden bottle of ale into a mug bearing their own name? C’mon, we can’t be alone in thinking that would be pretty cool!

Did you know? “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling was sitting in a pub when she came up with the wizarding sport of Quidditch.

2 – Deluxe Monogrammed Beer Glass

Whoa, deluxe, you say? That’s sure to be out of my price range! Well, fear not, because while this beer glass is indeed deluxe in its customization possibilities and its quality, it is still available for the low price of just $17.99. And if you purchase five or more of these attractive glasses, the price just keeps going down from there. This Deluxe Monogrammed Beer Glass certainly looks expensive, though, and your recipients will surely think you spent more than you did. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Did you know? Beer helped lead to one of the most important discoveries in science when Joseph Priestley noticed gases rising from the vats of beer in a brewery. After some experimentation, he discovered the element we now call oxygen!

1 – Bride & Groom Initials Beer Mug

Let’s wrap it up on a romantic note, shall we? This Bride & Groom Initials Beer Mug makes for a lovely gift for the bridal shower, the bachelor party, or the wedding day itself. The two bold monograms are connected with an ornate, stylized ampersand, turning this high quality mug into the kind of personalized gift that the lovely couple will treasure for years. We can’t think of a better way to bring this fun (and thirst-generating) list to a close.

Did you know? Those who fear an empty beer glass are said to suffer from cenosillicaphobia. Well, at least now we have a name for it!

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