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16 of Our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day just around the corner, do you find yourself unable to come up with any interesting or unique gifts? Why are guys so hard to shop for? And why is Dad the hardest of all? Not to suggest that all men – or even all fathers – are the same, but guys always seem to have everything they want already. And when they realize they need something new, they go right out and buy it for themselves. What can you give them for Father’s Day that they don’t already have? A new power tool? A new video game? A tie? Why does it feel like you’ve already given him all these things for previous birthdays and Father’s Days? Isn’t there anything new under the sun? How do you go about finding a great gift for Dad in the first place?

Well, dread no more, because we have some handy tips on choosing a terrific present for Father’s Day. After that, stay tuned, because we have LOTS of great gift suggestions you can use to find that perfect way to show Dad how much you care!

Choosing The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: 5 Simple Tips

Decide Your Budget. As is the case with any occasion, Father’s Day is made special not through how much money you spend but by the heart and creativity you put into your gifts. You don’t need to put yourself in a financial bind to put a smile on your dad’s face. In fact, if your dad is anything like us, he’ll probably chastise you for spending too much! But even if you have all of the disposable income in the world, there’s little reason to get extravagant with your gift. Small, meaningful gifts are often remembered long after the fancy stuff has been forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

Know Your Dad. That may sound like a strange bit of advice, but it is an essential step on your journey to buy a great Father’s Day present. Think about the things he likes to do. Think about his hobbies. What kinds of books does he like to read? What sorts of movies does he enjoy watching? Does he like a good beer on the weekends? Is he outdoorsy? Use his “free time” pursuits to guide you to the perfect gift.

What Does He Need? This is probably a question you’ve already asked yourself, but the problem is that it’s all too easy for your mind to throw up an exasperated “Oh, who knows?” instead of actually coming up with an answer. We like to recommend something called directed thinking in cases such as this. It’s nothing complicated; you sit down with a pen and a piece of paper, write that question at the top of the page, and then “think on paper.” Write out your thoughts and keep yourself on task. It’s incredible how often you can find the right answer (to anything) using this simple method.

Personalize It. If you disregard all of our other suggestions, please don’t toss this one out with them. Not every gift you buy needs to be personalized and sentimental, of course, but we think it’s the right way to go on Father’s Day. This holiday has become something of a perfunctory affair for many Americans. You get Dad a new tie or some cologne, scratch your signature on a greeting card, and call it good. But when you take a simple gift and personalize it, the mundane is transformed into something special. Trust us: If you really want to make your dad’s day, get him something uniquely customized. He won’t forget it.

Spend Time With Him. Let’s face it: At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter all that much what you get your dad for Father’s Day, be it a new Rolex or a cheap mouse pad. What matters is that you find the time to put your arms around him and tell him how much you love him. If you don’t live nearby or have any way of being there in person, at least give him a call and tell him what you’re up to.

Now that we have some fun (and effective) tips on handling Father’s Day this year, let’s jump into the main event: Our favorite personalized gifts for Dad. Click the links to go straight to the item!

16 – Encircled Monogram Wallet

Just look at this fine wallet! Now imagine it with your dad’s name and monogram beautifully etched onto the cover. Imagine it in your dad’s favorite color. This is one of our favorite ideas for a Father’s Day gift because it covers all the bases. It’s personalized, it’s special, it’s functional, and it fills a need – especially if your dad is still rocking a wallet he’s been carrying around since Reagan was in office. Change isn’t always easy for the old man, we’re sure, but he won’t hesitate to move his money, credit cards, and pictures into this beautiful new home.

15 – Best Dad Ever Cake Topper

Above, we noted that spending time with Dad on Father’s Day is one of the greatest gifts you can give. But if we’re totally honest, you can make that time all the more special with…CAKE! With a nice cake from the local deli and this beautiful topper, you have the makings of a party. Maybe it’s just you and your dad, maybe it’s the whole family; heck, maybe everyone in the neighborhood is coming over for a celebration. However you like to celebrate the day, this cake topper will help you do it with style. Comes in several colors and sizes to match any cake you get.

14 – World’s Greatest Dad Yard Signs

You know what – since we’re on the subject of throwing him a special Father’s Day party, let’s take a stroll into the front lawn for a look at these World’s Greatest Dad Yard Signs. Celebratory yard signs became the preferred way to throw a “party” during the pandemic lockdowns, but we’re not sure their popularity is ready to fade now that the worst is over. Particularly when it comes to an occasion like Father’s Day (which typically doesn’t involve huge get-togethers), these signs are a nice way to let the neighborhood know how much you love your dad. Who knows – you might even inspire others in your community to celebrate their fathers in the same way!

13 – Dad’s Little Dude Onesie

Here’s a neat little way to handle the tricky matter of buying him a Father’s Day gift: Don’t get him a gift at all! Okay, okay, that probably already occurred to you, but we’re not talking about just blowing off the celebration completely; we’re talking about getting a special gift for the apple of his eye. This Dad’s Little Dude Onesie comes in several different sizes depending on the age of the boy, and…well, it’s just one of the most adorable things we’ve ever come across. If this onesie doesn’t put a big smile on Dad’s face, then color us shocked. You’d better double down on the cake.

12 – Happy Father’s Day Beer Mug

But then again, maybe it’s not that you need more cake; perhaps you just need a little bit of party juice! If your dad likes to enjoy a cold IPA on the weekends or helps himself to a nice lager after work, he needs this Happy Father’s Day Beer Mug. Etched in white block letters with “love, [your name here]” in script font, the message on this mug will remind Dad for years to come what a great son or daughter he has. Pair this mug with a six-pack of your dad’s favorite brew, and you’ll have a Father’s Day gift that can’t be topped.

11 – Dad. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Beer Mug

Did we say that the previous mug couldn’t be topped? We may have spoken too soon. Because this handsome stein with “Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend” etched into the glass is right up there with one of our favorite personalized Father’s Day gifts. Who wouldn’t like to pour a fresh pint of golden nectar into one of these terrific mugs? Put it in the freezer for a little while before drinking, and you will have pure beer-enjoying bliss waiting for Dad. As with the previous mug, this one pairs really well with some excellent beer for a complete Father’s Day gift worth remembering.

10 – Everything Tastes Better When Papa Makes It! Cutting Board

Is your dad a whirlwind of slicing and dicing in the kitchen? Is he in charge of making his own Father’s Day meal because, frankly, he’s the only one in the family who can do it justice? Or maybe your dad uses the kitchen as his way to get away from it all, get out of his head, and find the peace and relaxation that total immersion can give you. Whatever the case may be, you can brighten his Father’s Day with this “Everything Tastes Better When Papa Makes It” Cutting Board. And hey, maybe he’ll be inspired to prove the maxim right!

9 – Times New Roman Font Name Plate

Whether your dad works on the top floor of a skyscraper or has a little office set up in the den, he’ll love this name plate for his desk. With his name written in beautiful Times New Roman font and his title scripted below in italics, your dad will be powerless to resist the charms of this handsome, professional name plate. Great for dads who work from home or have a big, fancy office downtown. It comes with or without a card holder, and you can customize the text to say whatever you want!

8 – Script Initials Notebook

Sometimes when we browse around the internet looking at how dads are portrayed, we begin to wonder if all fathers are the exact same person: The kind of guy with rough hands, a heart for football, and a taste for fishing. We don’t know about you, but we know a whole lot of men who don’t come within throwing distance of this description. For instance, what about the dad who likes to stay on top of things with notes and journaling? Well, if your dad fits this category, buy him this Script Initials Notebook and give him another year’s worth of pages to fill!

7 – We Love You Dad! Puzzle

Oh, you’re looking for something outside the box? Good, because those are our favorite kinds of Father’s Day presents. And nothing fills that role better than this customizable puzzle. With “We Love You Dad” etched into the design, you can personalize this puzzle with a wonderful digital photograph of…anything you want! Maybe it’s a picture of you and your father, maybe it’s a picture of a place you loved to go when you were little. Whatever photo you choose, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake treasure that your dad will cherish. Hey, and it’s fun to put together!

6 – #1 Dad Coffee Mug

Available in six bright colors (we’re partial to the blue one ourselves), this #1 Dad Coffee Mug is a great gift for any dad who needs a cup of joe to get started in the morning. There’s a kind of ritual to morning coffee, isn’t there? It’s more than just the caffeine. It’s more than just the taste of a great cup. It’s the whole morning process. Whether your dad likes to sit and read the paper or enjoy his coffee as he’s getting ready for work, he’ll love the addition of this mug. Before you know it, the mug may become such an integral part of his morning routine that he’ll wonder how he ever lived without it.

5 – Home Brew Growler

According to a recent demographic survey, more than a million Americans have embraced homebrewing as a hobby. What’s more remarkable is that 40% of these crafters picked up the interest in the last few years. Homebrewing is taking off, and there’s a good chance that if your dad isn’t already producing batches of amber bock in the garage, he would enjoy giving it a go. Start him off on the right path with this Home Brew Growler, which can be personalized with any name you like. The sample says “Dad’s,” but you can change it to his real name if you think he would prefer it that way. A great gift!

4 – Bold Custom Text Corkscrew

Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve found that corkscrews are one of those items where you get what you pay for. We went through a dozen $5 supermarket corkscrews before we finally realized that you can spend (a little) more and get a whole lot more convenience and joy for your buck. If your dad is still struggling to open his wines and extract the corks with cheap tools, give him this Bold Custom Text Corkscrew. It’s a better tool, and it’s fully customizable to transform it into a prized possession. Pair with a bottle of great wine for a memorable Father’s Day gift.

3 – Father The Man The Myth The Legend Knife

This premium folding knife comes in your choice of silver or black (blade and hilt) with an attractive wood-stained inlay upon which the inscription is written. With this knife, you’re not only giving your dad the respect he deserves on Father’s Day, but you’re also giving him a tremendously functional and useful tool that he may take to carrying more often than you might imagine.

2 – Thank You Dad For Everything Travel Mug w Handle

We talked earlier about how popular homebrewing has become, but the growth of that hobby is nothing compared to the travel mug industry. It seems that nearly everyone has one of these to carry their coffee with them as they go to work and run errands. If your dad doesn’t have one yet, we can’t think of a better way to kick off his collection than with this special “Thank You Dad” version, complete with an infinity symbol and the words “for everything” scrolled across the mug. If you want him thinking of you every time he takes a sip, this is the perfect gift.

1 – King of the Grill BBQ Set

With Weber’s invention of the portable kettle-style grill in the aftermath of World War II, backyard BBQs quickly became one of the nation’s favorite pastimes. This cooking method is still employed by millions of Americans, including plenty of fathers who like nothing more than to stand out by the grill with a cold beer and flip those burgers. If your dad is something of a grillmaster, he will enjoy this terrific King of the Grill BBQ Set. Loaded with all the tools he needs to take his grill game to the next level, this is one Father’s Day gift he’ll use over and over again.

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