16 Best Gifts For Your Boyfriend

16 Best Gifts For Your Boyfriend


Being in a loving relationship is a wonderful thing for many reasons, none of which you probably need us to expound on. But let’s face it: There’s are some downsides to leaving the single life behind. You never used to need to explain why you were out until after midnight with your girlfriends, after all. You still aren’t used to giving up possession of the remote control. And jeez, is there any end to the gift-giving occasions?

Well, we may not be able to help you relinquish a bit of your freedom; that’s just one of those tradeoffs that come with the territory. And we may not have much advice when it comes to regaining control of the TV; that’s something you guys are going to have to work out on your own. But when it comes to the seemingly-endless slew of holidays – Valentine’s Day, birthdays, your anniversary, Christmas, President’s Day (what? You don’t give a gift on this one??) – we’ve got you covered. When it comes to picking our terrific gifts for your boyfriend, we are totally in our element!

The Dreaded Moment of Indecision

If you’ve got a big gift-giving occasion coming up, or if you’ve just decided to surprise him with something special for no reason at all, you might quickly find yourself overwhelmed. At first, you look at all the stuff he owns and you think, whoa, what can I possibly add to this collection? But once you start browsing through stores both virtual and brick-and-mortar, you might easily come to the opposite conclusion: There is SO MUCH stuff out there that you couldn’t possibly narrow your choices down to just one (or five)! What do you do when you arrive at this unfortunate dilemma? Well, first of all, don’t panic. We’re here to help.

Here are three quick but important tips to keep in mind when shopping for your boyfriend:

When you buy him a gift, actually buy him a gift. Gift cards should be reserved for your sister, your acquaintances, and your friend’s kids. Same goes for cash – please, please never give your boyfriend cash! We get it – you’re worried that you’ll get him something that he hates. Or worse, you’ll get him something so useless that it just winds up collecting dust on the shelf somewhere. Our advice: Take the risk. It may seem practical and preferable to let him choose his own present, but that’s not nearly as meaningful as making your own decision. If you strike out, so be it. The important thing is that you tried.

The more personal, the better. If you want to avoid that unpleasant moment where he opens your present, scratches his head, and mumbles, “Hey…it’s this thing,” it’s crucial that you get as personal as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to weave him a blanket or design a calendar out of your special moments together – though those could be perfectly wonderful gifts! No, it means you look at his interests and you choose a gift that he might conceivably pick out for himself. When you do that, you’re showing him that you care enough to pay attention to his life. That’s a whole gift unto itself.

It’s not how much you spend, it’s how much thought you put into it. Oh, so corny, right? Ugh! And yet, clichés become clichés for a reason: They’re usually true. And when it comes to picking out gifts for your boyfriend, it really is the thought that counts. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the newest gaming system or the latest iPhone accessory. Find a creative, unique gift that comes from the heart, and you can let him spend his own paycheck on the expensive stuff.

The Big Countdown

With these tips firmly in mind, let’s dispense with any further ado and get right down to these 16 Amazing Gifts For Your Boyfriend:

16 – Photo Montage Mouse Pad

While many folks have moved on to laptops and tablets, there are still plenty of reasons to stick with a great desktop computer. And even for those who work on a laptop, it often makes more sense to work with a traditional mouse than the little built-in cursor pad. If your boyfriend is chained to a desktop computer due to work (or gaming), give him this adorable Photo Montage Mouse Pad that will allow him to keep you and your relationship in mind while he’s on the grind. This is one of those romantic, cute gifts that doubles as a completely-functional addition to his workspace. Comes in both circular and square varieties.


15 – Monogrammed With Surname Wallet

Officially, this says it is a Monogrammed With Surname Wallet, but the truth is that you can easily sub in your boyfriend’s first name or another word altogether if you think it would make for a better fit. This handsome wallet comes in six stylish color schemes, and if you do opt to put his name on the front – first or last – he’ll always know he’s got the right one. Furthermore, every time he takes his wallet out to pay for his purchases, he’ll give you a quick thought. Isn’t that the real gift? We have no doubt that your boyfriend will fully agree – you don’t even need to ask him.


14 – Custom Name Humidor

Not long ago, carnival workers would often give out cigars as prizes to customers who could win their midway games. And when the customer failed to shoot all the plastic ducks? “Close, but no cigar!” See, you came here looking for gifts for your boyfriend, but you’re leaving with all of this valuable etymological trivia. Consider it a bonus. Where were we? Oh, right, this fancy Custom Name Humidor, which will ensure that your boyfriend’s cigars stay fresh and well-kept until he gets around to smoking them. A good humidor, which this is, can allow a cigar to age and mature for years. A great gift for the aficionado in your life.


13 – Adventures Passport Cover

Having a passport is your ticket to enjoying the wonderful adventures that the world has to offer…but no one ever said you had to stick with the boring, official-looking cover the booklet comes with, did they? Come on: You and your boyfriend are ready to light out for the territories and see every corner of the Earth. It’s time to put some flair in your travel game! Gift this Adventures Passport Cover to your special guy and let him know – not all that subtly – that you’re willing and ready to go to the airport and start seeing what this great big blue ball is all about. Go ahead and get one for yourself while you’re at it!


12 – Custom Text Beer Mug

Does your boyfriend enjoy a great beer every now and then? Well then, look no further for the perfect present. This Custom Text Beer Mug goes just as well with an inexpensive lager as it does with the finest craft brew. And with the fully-customizable text, you don’t have to scour the shelves looking for a funny/personal/heartwarming/unique message: You can simply write it yourself. This high-quality beer mug comes in two sizes – 16 oz and 25 oz – and is designed with the durability that ensures it will occupy a spot in your boyfriend’s collection for years to come.


11 – Craft Brew Growler

What in the world is a Craft Brew Growler, you ask? Is it some form of beer-obsessed bear? No – although that would be amusing. Growlers have been used in the making and transporting of beer for hundreds of years, but they recently began to catch on with the general public. If your boyfriend is committed to tasting, storing, or even making craft beer, a good growler is a must for his collection. These handy jugs are perfect for taking a good sample home from the local brewery, a great way to empty out the last of a keg before replacing it with a new one, or as a storage canteen for personal brewing. This one has the great advantage of personalization, making it a wonderful custom present.


10 – Monogrammed Whiskey Glass

Okay, maybe your boyfriend is more likely to reach for a bottle of scotch at the end of a long day than a cold glass of beer. Well, we have the perfect present for such a man. This Name Inside Monogram Whiskey Glass brings the sophistication and class of an exclusive bar directly to your home collection. You can have your boyfriend’s name laser-etched into this high-quality glass, where it will be ornately surrounded by his first initial. The end result is a terrific lowball glass that will give him that much more enjoyment when he dips into that bottle of aged Glenlivet.


9 – Monogrammed Wine Glass

A great wine glass is, in some ways, almost as important as the vintage of the wine itself. Its contours are designed to bring out the flavors, notes, and scents that allow the drinker to experience everything the wine has to offer. If your boyfriend is into wine, of course, chances are he already has a glass for every occasion and every style. But – does he have a glass with his own name etched onto the front? If not, this Monogrammed With Surname Wine Glass could be the perfect piece to finish his collection. Available with or without a stem, this high-quality glass can be customized with the recipient’s name and initial.

8 – Monogrammed Wine Tumbler

Some wine snobs will insist that any glass without a stem simply isn’t fit for their favorite pinot. Well, pay them no mind. A great stemless cup has a number of advantages: They are more stable than their stemmed cousins, they are much more dishwasher-friendly, and they take up less room in your kitchen cabinet. And that’s just the start. So if your boyfriend enjoys wine and is open to new experiences, give him this Name Inside Monogram Wine Tumbler and expand his drinking horizons. These tumblers are available in no less than 14 different colors, so you could even buy him a few!

7 – Monogrammed Flask

Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan once noted that giving a flask as a gift is like saying, “Hey, you seem like a drunk on the go!” It’s a pretty funny line, but the truth is that you don’t need to have a drinking problem to enjoy one of these beautiful Monogrammed Flasks. At the very least, it works as a terrific conversation piece. This particular flask is even better because you can personalize it with your boyfriend’s name and monogram. C’mon, that’s pure class. And hey, if you find yourself somewhere where they don’t serve alcohol, you might be glad that he has a secret stash tucked away in his pocket!

6 – Happy Birthday Lighter

If your boyfriend is more likely to be found puffing away on…well, whatever he might enjoy…than sipping on an alcoholic beverage, consider this first-rate Happy Birthday Lighter. In the grand tradition of flip-style, refillable lighters, this handsome gift comes in black or silver and can be customized with a “Happy Birthday” message and the name and initials of the recipient. Rescue your boyfriend from the indignity of lighting his cigars and/or cigarettes with a common disposable lighter from the nearest convenience store. A great lighter like this one can introduce some much-desired class and style back into the simple act of having a smoke.

5 – Come Aboard If You Dare Cutting Board

Does your boyfriend own a boat? Does he have a nautical theme in his mancave? Does he have an interest in pirates? Does he like to cook? Even if the answer to all of those questions is a resounding no, you may still be interested in this Come Aboard If You Dare Cutting Board, because it’s just that cool. In the example photos, the cutting board invites people aboard “The Leviathan,” but this name can be changed to anything you want. The skull insignia is intricately detailed and perfect for any guy who likes his decorations to have a touch of the dark side to them. Of course, at the end of the day, this one stands out because it is an excellent cutting board that makes an outstanding addition to any kitchen. Would also go nicely with a set of culinary knives, if you’re looking for a combo gift idea.

4 – Personalized Leather Notebook

We know, we know, everyone makes notes in their smartphones these days. But if your boyfriend has a taste for the traditional, this handsome Personalized Leather Notebook would make for a fine birthday gift. It would be especially appreciated by a man with a bent towards the literate: A writer, a journalist, a poet, or even a guy who likes to make sure he remembers where he was and what he was thinking during the special moments of his life. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said that he liked to buy expensive journals so he would be inspired to fill the pages with something that would make the book worth the price. This one’s available for the low price of just $10, but it could still spark your boyfriend’s creative fire.

3 – Personalized Name Plate

Whether your boyfriend works in an office or has a fancy desk at home, this Times New Roman Font Name Plate will make an exceptional gift. At the office, it shows employees and clients that this is a man who is serious about his career and his company. For the telecommuting boyfriend, it can work as both a stylish decoration and a tongue-in-cheek nod to the idiosyncrasies of working from home. Customizable with name and title, this name plate comes in two distinct styles to match the existing office furniture color scheme.

2 – Be Mine Puzzle

If you want to give your boyfriend a present that is both fun, customized, and wonderfully romantic, you can’t do better than this Be Mine In Heart Puzzle. You and your guy can while away the hours putting together this tribute to your special relationship. At the end of your labor, you’ll have a lovely conversation piece you can glue together and hang on the wall! This makes for an out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day gift that he won’t soon forget. Dispense with the boring ties this year and treat him to a gift that will make his heart sing.

1 – Custom Text BBQ Set

Relationship experts typically discourage women from buying their boyfriends gifts that are really presents for themselves in disguise, and that’s good advice. But no one said you can’t get him a gift that won’t, you know, result in some hidden advantages for yourself, did they? That’s what we love about this Custom Text BBQ Set. It’s a terrific present for the man who likes to grill outdoors…but it might also encourage him to strap on his apron and cook you a steak every now and then! Are you really going to pass up that possibility? We thought not.

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