14 Perfect Groomsmen Gifts For Your Wedding

Experts Say These are the 14 Perfect Groomsmen Gifts For Your Wedding

Bridal parties have their strange origins in ancient Rome. In those days, the law required at least 10 people to be present at every wedding, and the witnesses – the bridesmaids and groomsmen – had to dress identically to the bride and groom. Why such an elaborate legal requirement? The story goes that these 10 witnesses would confound any evil spirits who might wish harm on the bride and groom. Alternatively, and a bit more practically, the identical garb would confuse any jealous third-parties who might want to violently put an end to the wedding.

And you thought you had a lot to worry about when planning your big day!

But while you may not be overly concerned about old spirits (or old boyfriends) who want to ruin your wedding, you still have an obligation to make sure your bridal party is squared away on the day of the wedding. That doesn’t end with simply picking out their dresses and tuxes, however. It also means picking out gifts for your bridal party to thank them for putting so much effort into celebrating your big day with you. And that’s where it gets tricky, right? How do you find the perfect gift to tell your groomsmen how much you appreciate their participation?

We spoke to bridal experts to get their thoughts on how to best choose groomsmen gifts ahead of the big day. We’ve consolidated their tips into four big themes, and we’ve used those themes to come up with 14 amazing groomsmen gifts that are certain to be cherished by your closest friends and family members.

First, the tips.

Individualize. According to David Berman of Wedding Planners Unlimited, you should consider your groomsmen as individuals before you begin thinking about the right gifts. “You likely know your groomsmen better than anyone else in your life,” he says. “Why not use that information to come up with the perfect presents?” Individualization means contemplating your groomsmen’s personalities and finding gifts that will match. It may mean a little more thought and a little more work, but aren’t your friends worth it?

Think Functional. There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to groomsmen gifts. You can buy them something decorative and sentimental…or you can get them something practical and functional. The wedding experts we talked to urged erring towards the latter. “Don’t overestimate how much your wedding means to your groomsmen,” advised Peter Lutz, a wedding organizer in Atlanta. “If you don’t want your gift to wind up in a forgotten drawer somewhere, get them something they can actually use.”

Don’t Cheap Out. We considered a more diplomatic way of putting this tip, but why beat around the bush? We’re not saying that you have to spend an arm and a leg on your groomsmen gifts, mind you – we understand, after all, that you’re already spending a fortune on the wedding itself. As a young couple starting out in life, you definitely don’t need to be spending money with utter abandon. But your groomsmen gifts shouldn’t come out of a coin-op machine in the hotel lobby, either. You can buy affordable gifts without sacrificing quality.

Personalization. “Personalized groomsmen gifts are the ones that stand the test of time,” says Linda Harwood of LTI Events. “It’s the little extra that makes all the difference.” By taking that little bit of extra time and money to personalize your gifts, you are ensuring that your groomsmen get presents that are completely unique and memorable. You wouldn’t want your groomsmen to come out of a generic box, so don’t default to gifts that do.

Okay, now that we know exactly what we’re looking for, let’s take a deep dive into 14 incredible groomsmen gifts that will make a big impact on the people you’ve chosen to be a part of your special day!

14 – Groomsmen Bold Knife

Available with sharp blades in either sleek silver and trendy black, these Groomsmen Bold Knives can be personally customized with names, titles, and dates. Handsomely designed with steel blades and wooden overlays on the hilt, these gifts are the perfect combination of stylish and functional. Plus, come on, knives are manly. Did you ever hear about Confederate Calvary Leader Wade Hampton III? Teddy Roosevelt wrote admirably about Hampton, who was an avid outdoorsman, in his book, “The Wilderness Man.” According to Roosevelt, Hampton had killed at least 80 black bears with nothing more than a knife! We don’t necessarily recommend that your groomsmen try to top that record, but surely they can find something memorable to do with a knife like this.

13 – Groomsmen Coasters

Okay, so you’ve still got our story about Ancient Rome in your head and you don’t love the idea of your groomsmen carrying knives on the day of the wedding. You’re not expecting any black bears at the ceremony, after all. Fine. Let’s go in a different direction. These Slate Bowtie Groomsmen Coasters probably wouldn’t merit mention in a Teddy Roosevelt memoir, but they do have the weight and construction quality that makes for a fine groomsmen gift. Keeping water rings off your wooden furniture is at least as important to the modern life as staving off the local wildlife. Eminently functional, these coasters are customizable, attractive, and perfectly practical.

12 – Groomsmen Travel Mug w/ Handle

Speaking of the modern life, who has time to sit down and actually enjoy a cup of coffee anymore? Our jobs, commitments, and family errands keep us constantly on the go, and we need refreshments that match that lifestyle. That’s why this Groomsmen Travel Mug makes for such a terrific gift. It is completely customizable, comes with the groomsman’s name in scrolling script font, the date of your wedding, and his role in the ceremony. It also comes in six distinct colors, so you can give all of your groomsmen the same one…or mix it up for the fun of it!

11 – Bowtie Groomsmen Growler

Are your groomsmen more interested in beer than coffee or water? Well, this awesome Bowtie Groomsmen Growler ensures they can take their brew with them when they head out to…wherever it is they want to chill out and enjoy a great IPA. (Don’t drink and drive, kids!) Much like the aforementioned travel mug, these growlers are completely customizable with the groomsmen’s names. They also come in two stand-out colors: Black and silver. Each one also comes adorned with a sharp bowtie illustration, forever connecting this thoughtful gift with your wedding ceremony.

10 – Groomsmen Tumbler

You know what, let’s keep the drinking cup theme going, shall we? The next gift in our definitive list is this slick-looking, high-quality Groomsmen Tumbler. These particular cups are all the rage right now, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Superbly capable of keeping cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm, these tumblers are the right product for an age where people just don’t have time to stop into Starbucks or 7/11 every time they need hydration (or caffeine). Unlike the bulky thermoses of days gone by, these tumblers really get the job done. You can take one of these bad boys out in the blazing sun and you’ll still have ice in your water an hour later. Best of all, these particular tumblers give you all of the quality of the trendy brands for a fraction of the price.

9 – Groomsmen Personalized Flask

All right, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the “modern lifestyle” and all the drinking cups that match the busyness of the modern man. Let’s take a break from that for a second and remember a simpler age: The Roaring Twenties, to be exact. Seeing as how we somehow find ourselves in the ‘20s once again, why not give your friends this Groomsmen Personalized Flask that serves as a reminder of those dreadful days when the U.S. outlawed alcohol? It may not be strictly necessary to carry a secret flask around with you these days, but hey, it’s fun! And if your wedding (and bachelor party) isn’t about having a little bit of fun, what are you even doing? These personalized flasks come in matte black, brown leather, and black leather, any one of which makes for a handsome addition to any drinker’s collection.

8 – Groomsmen Beer Glass

Long before the busybodies in Washington decided to pass the Volstead Act and take away America’s fun for a few years, the Puritans arrived on this continent with a much different conception of what the New World should be. True, these religious travelers were deeply committed to God, but they were also pretty darn committed to a great pint of ale. History has it that they brought more beer with them on the Mayflower than they did water (to name but one little fact our schoolbooks neglected to mention). Beer is more popular than ever these days, which is why this Groomsmen Beer Glass makes for a fantastic gift. Any guy who enjoys a brew every now and then should have one of these personalized glasses in their cabinet. Beer from a terrific glass tastes better!

7 – Groomsmen Bottle Opener

It goes without saying that before you pour that beer in a fine glass, you’ve got to get it open. Some great beers come in a can, and some others come in a screw top bottle, but there’s a whole world of craft brews that require a little something extra to peel off that metal cap. That’s where these Groomsmen Bottle Openers come in. This particular example comes with your groomsman’s name in beautiful script font and the date of the wedding. Just enter your information into the website, and you’ll get as many personalized bottle openers as you need to make your bachelor party a success. These handy contraptions come in nine glorious colors, including rose, wood, and black and gold. And hey, every time your groomsmen go looking for a bottle opener, they’ll remember your thoughtful gift.

6 – Groomsmen Lighter

Remember when smoking was the very height of American cool? Those days may have passed, but there’s one thing that remains true: These refillable lighters that flip up at the top are still way cooler than the plastic throwaway lighters you can get at the convenience store counter. So whether or not your friends are smokers, this Groomsmen Lighter makes for a great gift. After all, there are plenty of things to light that don’t involve tobacco cigarettes. We won’t go through a comprehensive list; you can make those discoveries for yourself. Fact is, you don’t even need to light anything. Just having a handsome lighter like this is its own reward. Don’t miss this chance to impart to your groomsmen a little touch of sophistication.

5 – Groomsmen Corkscrew

Say, did you know that someone who collects corkscrews is known as a helixophile? See, you came here looking for groomsmen gifts, but you’re going to leave with so much more than that. While you’re trying to think of a way to thank us, consider these Groomsmen Thin Bold Font Corkscrews as a gift for your bridal party. Available in thirteen distinct colors, these corkscrews can be adorned with each groomsman’s name in bold lettering along with their role in the wedding and the year. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys a nice bottle of wine, but it’s also a terrific addition to any home bar or kitchen. You never know when you’re going to need to pop open a lovely pinot noir, and you don’t want your friends to be caught flat-footed when that day comes. Trust us, trying to peel a cork out without a corkscrew is…well, it’s not fun. It’s not fun at all.

4 – Personalized Groomsmen Wine Glass

Speaking of wine faux pas, what could be worse than drinking that fine pinot noir from a plastic Solo cup? Come on, some things are simply not done. Are you a hobo? You might as well keep the bottle in its brown paper bag, go sit in the alleyway behind a strip mall, and drink your wine while counting the change you collected this afternoon. Okay, maybe it’s not that tragic, but a good glass of wine deserves – well, a glass! This Personalized Groomsmen Wine Glass is not only a perfect receptacle for any wine, it allows you to customize the gift with the groomsman’s name and the date of your wedding. Hey, did you know that it takes about 2.5 pounds of grapes to make a bottle of wine?

3 – Monogrammed Whiskey Glass

Nothing says class like a Monogrammed Whiskey Glass. If you’re in the market for a groomsmen gift that will carry with it a sense a style and sophistication, you can’t go wrong with this excellent choice. Perfect for the whiskey lovers in your bridal party, this glass is also a terrific choice for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. If your groomsmen enjoy having people over or if they have a home bar, this is a must-have addition to their collection. Pair it with a nice bottle of scotch if you want to take your gift to the next level. If you don’t want to spend that much money, these glasses also go well with a set of whiskey stones or a nice decanter set. Of course, with the personalization and quality of these glasses, they make a fantastic gift all on their own.

2 – Groomsmen Puzzle

When jigsaw puzzles first came on the scene in a big way back in the early 1900s, they were purchased almost exclusively by the rich and the elite. It was expensive back then to produce one of these puzzles, and the average working man could scarcely afford the luxury. These days, of course, jigsaw puzzles are easily accessible to anyone who wants one, and they are a common American pastime. But the quality that goes into these intricate games has only improved. Because of that quality, this Groomsmen Puzzle makes a terrific, customizable option for your bridal party. Not only are you giving them a present they can actually use – a great puzzle provides hours and hours of entertainment – but one they can keep and cherish for years. Available in both heart and rectangle shapes.

1 – Best Man Picture Frame

Just as there is one groomsman above all the others, we have one final gift that tops the list: This wonderful Best Man Picture Frame. Like the origins of the bridal party itself, the best man tradition arises out of circumstances that scarcely seem familiar today: The Germanic Goths of the 1500s introduced the best man for the purposes of literally stealing the bride away from her disapproving family! He was the best man…because he was likely the “best man” to wield a sword against the bride’s defenders. You probably aren’t expecting quite that much out of your best man, but you can certainly show your appreciation for his friendship and help with this stylish picture frame, easily fitted with a great photo of the two of you together. Comes in wood, silver, and black varieties.

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