14 Beach Gift Ideas That Will Bring a Sunny Smile to Anyone’s Face

Congratulations! Why do we say this? Because if you’re searching for beach gift ideas, it means you’ve already narrowed down your selection to a very niche interest. Believe it or not, that gets you almost all the way to the finish line. It’s a lot easier to focus on buying a gift that matches an interest than to simply brainstorm out of the blue: Hmm, what is Grandpa even into? You’re past all that, so let us say it once again: Congratulations!

Now comes the fun part. You’ve already decided to give the beach lover in your life something special that reflects their passion – you just need to decide what. Here are a few things to consider before opening your wallet:

Consider Their Interests
You’ve already done this step – to a degree. But you’re not quite done yet, because you can still peel back another layer and find the PERFECT beach gift. For instance, what else does the intended recipient enjoy? Would they be interested in decorative household knickknacks? Wall art that reflects the nature of the beach? Some people would adore these kinds of gifts, while others are more interested in gifts that can actually be used at the beach.

What Do They Do At The Beach?
Some folks go to the beach primarily to swim in the ocean. Others could care less about getting their feet wet; they’re at the beach to soak up the sun and improve their tan. And then there are those who just like to hang out with their friends and family at the beach, play games, and shop at the nearby stores. If you can figure out how your recipient spends their time at the beach, you can buy a gift that neatly fits into their routine.

What Products Do They Already Have?
This is one of the best questions to ask when trying to narrow down your gift possibilities. There are sometimes opportunities to “upgrade” a product they already have; for instance, they have an old, ratty beach towel that could use updating. But for the most part, for a beach gift to really strike gold, it should be something they don’t already have. Of course, if you’re buying for the kind of beach lover who is constantly shopping for beach-related stuff, that may be easier said than done.

Personalization Matters
Whether you’re talking about beach gifts or gifts for any occasion, personalization matters. A product that truly reflects the person’s identity is essential if you really want your gift to stand out. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to do this! Whether you get your personalization and customization done via a professional shop or you have the craftiness to do it yourself, it will make any gift that much more special when they unwrap it. Try it and see!

Okay, that about covers it for our tips. What do you say we leave our towels behind and jump into the sea? Here are the 14 beach gift ideas you’ve been waiting for!

14 – Sandals/Flip-Flops

Flip-flops and sandals are preferred beachwear for millions of Americans. Due to their light weight (and the fact that they won’t fill up with sand in impossible corners), they are the perfect footwear for a day at the beach. They slip on and off easily, so you don’t have to spend all your time tying and untying shoelaces every time you get in or out of the water. Sandals and sand go together like hot dogs and mustard, so if you’re looking for a beach gift idea that is both practical and stylish, we highly recommend finding a great pair or two.

13 – Fillable Table Lamp

Easy to find and even easier to customize, fillable table lamps come with a clear, empty base that you can fill with anything you want. Well, what would fill up all of that empty space better than seashells? Seashell lamps were all the rage in the early 1980s, but no one came along to say that they were no longer in style, now did they? And if you’re buying for a beach lover, it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t love a lamp that reflects their biggest interest. Seashells aren’t alive themselves, but they are so closely associated with life that they can bring a new dimension to any home. Great gift!

12 – A Warm, Cozy Blanket

Not everyone restricts their love of the beach to the daytime hours. Indeed, there is something magical and lovely about the beach at night, and we salute all public beaches that allow people to sit on the sand as the moon comes up over the ocean. Unfortunately, the beach can be a chilly place when the sun disappears beneath the horizon. There are no buildings to shield you from that wind coming off the sea, and that’s when a good, warm blanket can be a lifesaver. If you know that your beach lover enjoys sitting by the shoreline at night, get them a nice cozy blanket; they’ll love it!

11 – A Personalized Beach Tote

If you’ve ever taken yourself and your family to the beach, you know that you practically need a suitcase for all of the necessary items. From books and magazines to plastic shovels and sunscreen, it can be a major challenge to lug all of this stuff from the car to your favorite spot in the sand. Why not make it easier on the beach lover in your life by getting them a personalized canvas tote bag? Totes are enormously popular among beachgoers due to their size and versatility, so you can be almost sure that this is a gift that will go over well. The monogram on the front only makes it that much better.

10 – Play Sand

Is there anything more depressing than a beach lover who never gets the chance to actually go to the beach? Unfortunately, that’s the case for millions of people in this country. They live in places like Kansas or Montana, and it takes a special occasion indeed to justify a trip to California, Florida, or another beach haven. Why wait? With play sand, you can bring the beach to you! This is a great gift for any beach lover with kids; fill up a sandbox and watch them have a blast for hours! You can also get smaller amounts of sand for use as a decorative filler, so keep that in mind as well.

9 – Big, Beautiful Beach Towel

Come on, how could we NOT include this on the list? Having a big, beautiful, absorbent beach towel is an absolute must for anyone, particularly a dedicated beachgoer. Now, the chances are pretty good that the beach lover on your gift list already has a number of beach towels, so you will have to think carefully before settling on one. If the towels they currently have are beginning to fray around the edges, that’s a clear sign that they could use an upgrade. If their towels all seem in good working order, however, there may still be an opening – especially if you can find a towel that is personally meaningful to the person in question. For instance, a towel celebrating their favorite football team or one decorated with their own monogram.

8 – Sea Glass Wind Chimes

You can find these in innumerable shapes and sizes, but they all come down to the same fundamental product. Sea glass is created over a period of years as shards of broken glass are tumbled by the waves and ground into the sandy surface below the ocean. This constant turmoil steals the slickness of the glass and gives it a unique and lovely frosted surface. The process also rounds off the sharp edges of the original glass, making it safe for use in all kinds of products – including wind chimes. This is a wonderful way to give a friend a little taste of the beach in their own backyard.

7 – A Traditional Sun Hat

Everyone who likes sitting by the sea should have a big, floppy sun hat to wear. In recent decades, science has found a direct link between exposure to the sun’s UV rays and the formation of freckles, moles, wrinkles, and, much more importantly, melanoma. It’s easy enough for teenagers and kids to ignore these perils – almost everyone that age thinks they’re going to live forever, no matter what. Adults know better, or at least they should. Help the beach lover in your life protect their skin with a traditional (and stylish) sun hat.

6 – Driftwood Wall Art

Here’s something you can make yourself, if you have access to the raw materials – driftwood! Driftwood is a pretty common find at the beach, especially if you live along the Atlantic seaboard. Many a ship has gone down in the vast expanse between continents, and sometimes the wreckage will find its way to the shoreline. This always makes for an interesting find at the beach, but it makes for an even more interesting conversation piece in the home. Whether you create a piece of wall art with driftwood or purchase a pre-made product from a shop, you’ll have a terrific beach gift that anyone can appreciate.

5 – Lighthouse Statue(s)

Lighthouses are naturally associated with the beach, so it makes a great gift for anyone who is into all-things-seaside. These towers not only provide invaluable light to passing and incoming ships; they have evolved into historical monuments. Obviously, it would be cost-prohibitive (and probably against the HOA rules) to buy someone a real, functioning lighthouse, but that’s no obstacle – you can get them a lighthouse statue! Choose from generic versions or buy a model of an actual, existing lighthouse. Some of them even work as lamps in the house, and the larger ones make for outstanding front yard decorations.

4 – Starfish Jewelry

What’s more beachy than the starfish? Due to its resemblance to a star (already a popular jewelry symbol) and its associations with ocean life, starfish jewelry is enormously popular. If the beach lover in your life enjoys necklaces and earrings that reflect her love of the sea, this is a no-brainer. Plus, you have about a bazillion options at your disposal! Whether you’re looking for jewelry that uses actual starfish or metals such as silver to create the effect, you’ll be able to easily find the right piece.

3 – Beach Tent

A good beach tent comes with many advantages. For one, it’s a lot easier to keep track of your “home base” at the beach when it’s a huge tent and not just a couple of flat towels. Second, a tent gives you protection and respite from the relentless sun. It’s a great place to cool off and regroup during a long trip to the beach. Third, tents with built-in floors offer a sand-free environment, which can be better for young babies. Some of these tents are pricey, though, so even a beach enthusiast might think twice before buying one. But what if it came to them in the form of a gift?

2 – Beach Coverup

The bathing suit is, of course, standard attire for the beach, but most women prefer to have something in the way of a cover-up on hand when they aren’t laying out or enjoying the feel of the ocean waves. A nice cover-up can protect against the sun, give you an instantly-appropriate outfit to wear to seaside restaurants and shops, and comply with rules at hotels and condo communities. And nowadays, these outfits are as beautiful as any other kind of beach attire, so you can surely find one that would make a great gift for the beach lover in your life.

1 – Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling can give a veteran beachgoer a whole new way to enjoy their time in the ocean. With a clear mask and a good snorkel, you can bring the ocean to life – literally! Look at precious shells, interesting sea life, and much more while breathing easily. If the beach lover on your shopping list doesn’t have any good snorkeling gear, it might just be the beach gift idea you’ve been looking for.

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