11 Gender Reveal Gift Ideas For Expecting Parents

If you told someone in 1987 that you were throwing a gender reveal party, they would probably get a very puzzled look on their face. These days, though, they are all the rage. Not every parent-to-be will insist on a gender reveal party, but this is a trend with no signs of slowing down. Parents don’t just get the thrill of celebrating the big surprise with their friends and family members, they also delight in sharing the videos on social media. Many “compete” with gender reveals they’ve seen go viral in the past, hoping that their special idea will attract viewers from around the globe. Of course, you don’t have to be an aspiring influencer to find the value in a gender reveal party, and many parents would just as soon keep the affair small and intimate. Whether you’re attending (or throwing) a giant gender reveal bash or a tiny ceremony, though, you’ll be expected to bring a gift along.

So what should you bring?

Well, before we get to that important question, let’s make sure you’re all squared away when it comes to the basics of the gender reveal party. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about gender reveal parties:

What do we actually do when we get to the party?

If you’ve ever attended an engagement party or a baby shower, you’ll already halfway know what to expect from a gender reveal party. Obviously, some are more elaborately themed than others, and some couples choose to seek out exotic locations that will understandably change the nature of the event. For the most part, though, these parties are casual gatherings with one main purpose: To reveal the gender of the baby to the couple…and to the other attendees.

What is the reveal like?

Wow, what a question! The truth is that these parties have grown in such exponential ways over the years that we couldn’t begin to guess how your event will reveal the gender of the baby. We’re confident that either blue or pink will likely be involved in the reveal, but how that surprise is unveiled? That could go a lot of different ways. The simplest way is to slice into a cake; the inner frosting and cake color will reveal the gender of the child. But elaborate, staged presentations could include fireworks, confetti cannons, and who-knows-what-else!

What kind of activities will there be?

It’s worth reiterating that these gender reveal parties are relatively new in their conception, and they are even newer in terms of gaining widespread popularity. In other words, there are no traditions. There is no pressure to have a gender reveal party that replicates what your own parents did; chances are overwhelming that they didn’t do one at all. Until recently, in fact, it was quite common for expecting parents to keep the gender of the child a secret – even from themselves! All that said, there will likely be snacks and perhaps a few lighthearted games to set the mood. Mostly, it’s an excuse to get together and celebrate what will be a momentous occasion.

Is it absolutely necessary to bring a gift?

Well, no. The only exception might be if the gender reveal party is being combined with the baby shower. Guests are expected to bring presents to the latter, so let that be your guide. If there will be a separate baby shower, you don’t need to feel pressured to bring a gift to both. However, you can do so if you choose. And if there’s some reason why you won’t be able to attend the baby shower, this is a perfect time to deliver your gift early.

Can’t decide what to bring?

Well, we have just the list for you!

Our BIG List of Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

11 – A Customized Coffee Mug For Mommy

Let’s face it: You may want it to be otherwise (or not), but Mom is the star of the show when it comes to all pregnancy-related parties and events. Even at a gender reveal party, where the unborn child is supposedly the center of attention, the expectant mother usually demands the focus. Perhaps this is because everyone feels a bit of sympathy for a pregnant woman – especially those who have traveled this road a time or two themselves. You can pay tribute to Mom with this striking, customized coffee mug that says everything that needs to be said about her role in the family. Moms do it all these days, and they deserve a gift that celebrates every facet of their lives. 

10 – Baby Blanket

When choosing a gift for the gender reveal party, you need to take a few things into consideration. One, you need to figure out whether your gift will be for Mom, Dad, or the baby. And you’ll also need to keep in mind that you won’t know the gender of the baby when you choose the gift – duh! There are creative ways to get around this limitation – you could always buy a pink gift and a blue gift and return the one that isn’t required – but the safe bet is to look for presents that take gender out of the equation. That shouldn’t be too difficult, especially considering that society at large is moving (slowly) away from the predefined gender roles of yesterday. A nice baby blanket is perfect for any newborn, regardless of whether it comes in the form of a girl or a boy.

9 – Wooden Baby/Family Sign

Personalization is key when choosing terrific gifts for any occasion, and the gender reveal party is no exception. Fortunately, you don’t need to know the baby’s gender or name to find a beautifully personalized family sign. It could simply be written with the family’s last name. Or it could have a special message that is meaningful without getting too specific. This is one of those presents that, while it may not serve a particularly utilitarian function, can add warmth and welcoming to the home. What traits could better exemplify what the parents need when bringing a new baby into the world? A great gift for any pair of expecting parents!

8 – Visa Gift Card

Wait, didn’t we just get done saying that personalization matters when choosing a gender reveal gift? Well, yes, but there are always exceptions to the rule. And we can think of no greater exceptions than expectant parents. The bottom line is that raising a baby to adulthood is expensive with a capital E! Sure, it’s nice to get some sweet knickknacks that add flavor to the home décor, and no one will turn their nose up at much-needed kitchen equipment, but the truth is that only the parents themselves know exactly how to best put money to use. With a generalized gift card from Visa (or any other credit card company), you put the power of choice back in their hands. If they need diapers, baby food, new clothes, or anything else, they can use this card – and they’ll surely thank you when the time comes to cash in.

7 – Box of Cigars For Dad

As we mentioned before, most gender reveal gifts (as well as baby shower gifts) tend to focus on the mom-to-be. This is understandable, but you have to kinda feel bad for Daddy! He’s just standing there, corralling the gifts, waiting patiently for the big reveal, and pretending as though he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else (we kid, we kid). Why not get him a gift? A good box of cigars is a thoughtful way to include Dad in the celebration and show that you remember that raising a baby is not a job best done solo. You can even pair the cigars with a lovely engraved case, just to make the gift extra special. We guarantee that, after watching her open gift after gift, he’ll be over the moon to get something for himself. 

6 – A Pregnancy Pillow

No one doubts that giving birth can be a painful experience, but for most women, the delivery is only a small part of what can be a very difficult few months. A rapid growth in weight and size can put a strain on the body, and many women find the last couple of months before the due date to be an exercise in endurance. While no gift can take away all of the aches, pains, and swelling that accompany pregnancy, there is something you can give her to ease the burden. A good pregnancy pillow provides additional support for women who are experiencing discomfort throughout their term. Even if she only uses it a few times, it will be there when she needs it. This could easily turn out to be the sleeper hit of the party…er, no pun intended.

5 – Maternity Clothes

Understandably, many women bristle at spending a fortune on maternity clothes that will be useless to them only a few months after the baby is born. At the same time, having a good collection of maternity tops, blouses, pants, and dresses is essential for a number of reasons. Comfort is, of course, the biggest reason to invest in maternity wear, but it isn’t the only one. An expectant mother must provide both herself and the growing baby with plenty of space, flexibility, and breathability – three traits that aren’t always easy to find on the racks of the nearest department store. You can help her out, big time, by getting her some maternity wear that she doesn’t have to think about.

4 – A Stroller

It doesn’t matter if the expectant couple is having a girl, a boy, or a small alligator, they’ll need a stroller to take the baby on walks. Okay, maybe a small alligator will have different requirements, now that we think about it. In any case, we’re going to play the odds and throw our full recommendation behind a good stroller. These things can be expensive! Wouldn’t it be nice to get the couple a good one? Trust us, if you opt for a nice stroller, you can rest assured that your gift will get PLENTY of use over the next two or three years – if not longer!

3 – Baby Books

We suppose there are two ways to read this suggestion. Either one is an acceptable interpretation, to be honest. There are (approximately) 10 million books out there that teach expectant parents how to make it through the pregnancy, how to raise the baby once it’s born, and how to keep their sanity in the process. And then there (approximately) 100 million books intended for the babies themselves. We love the idea of kickstarting the baby’s first library with a handful of simple books, but it might make sense to get the couple a nice copy of “What to Expect…” instead. Either way, we’re sure this is a gift that will be appreciated.

2 – Letters and Writings to the Baby

Whether you choose a nice, leather journal, a package of individual letters that can be filled in by prompt, or some other writing vehicle, this can be a beautiful tool that lets Mommy and Daddy bond with their unborn child. Experts say that speaking to the baby in the womb is both emotionally beneficial to the parents and helpful to the development of the baby. But these aren’t letters to be read aloud to the fetus; they are meant to be written now and read much later by the child himself (or herself). These journals and letter packages are relatively inexpensive, which is appropriate; it will be up to the parents to fill up the empty space with priceless words.

1 – Cutie Pi Onesie

As both adoring parents and math nerds, we can’t help but make this Cutie Pi onesie our #1 selection for gender reveal gift ideas. You’ll either love this one or you won’t; we can’t add too much to it, other than to say that if the parents have any love for math puns, they’ll dig this little onesie. It’s perfectly genderless, so you don’t have to worry about knowing (or ruining) the big surprise ahead of time. And babies go through clothes like nobody’s business, so you can bet this one will get some serious use. Great gift!

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