Whether you’re commemorating your own wedding or buying a gift for a loved one, then you have come to the right place. A couple that has stayed together for ten years has shown the world that their union is stable and it has fought through the test of time. Traditionally, the 10 year anniversary gifts are symbolized with tin or aluminum. It is believed that tin is used to protect iron from rust and corrosion. In the modern time, it is symbolized by diamond which reflects the beauty and shows how precious a relationship is.

It is a little more common in other parts of the world, such as the UK, to give gifts of tin, but it gets a little tough to maintain this tradition. And that is why we come in. If you require gifts for either the man or woman, we will find the best way for you to make a statement either to your spouse or for anyone you want to celebrate for reaching this milestone. For a diamond gift, we can offer to have it customized by engraving your spouse’s name in the ring where he/she can wear it to remind themselves of the commitment you both hold to each other.

For women, the classic locket is a sure way to go. We can have pictures of you two, one on the side of each other held with magnetic closure so that she can keep it close to her heart. We always make sure our clients receive high-quality service, including advising them which type of gift is more appealing to give.

We recommend having simple 10 year anniversary gifts that have more meaning. For example, a keychain is always a simple but useful way to start. Because people carry keys everywhere, a keychain is always a simple reminder of an everlasting marriage. We can have a simple message engraved on the keychain such as “I still do”. This is a lasting reminder of a union that is filled with love and evolving deeper with time.

If the both of you like to have a glass of wine once in a while, a pair of fine customized glassware with the both of your names and a sweet message written on it will be a more thoughtful way to celebrate a love that has lasted ten years. It signifies a wonderful way to toast your health and be grateful for making it this far. We can also have a written mug with a heartfelt message stating the 3,650 days that you have been together.

We can also have a customized frame of your marriage vows written on a beautiful print that you can hang and make the interior of your house seem more appealing. This reminder will always show how much pride you have in your marriage. It will be a constant reminder of the day you looked into each other’s eyes and said, “I do”. We want your 10 year anniversary gifts to be the best and wish you another great 10 years.