10 Modern Appliances That Can Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

Don’t we all dream of living in a home with all of the latest and greatest gadgets and appliances? Well, perhaps not. In fact, many people find that the Internet of Things is encroaching on their privacy, taking too much of their paycheck through subscription fees, and unnecessarily cluttering their lives. Older Americans are less inclined to gravitate toward the benefits offered by these systems, preferring to keep to the old ways – the times when things weren’t quite so complicated. If there’s a part of you that rejects the idea of modernizing your home with all of the new technology available, we don’t blame you! However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all modern appliances are as superfluous as Google Glasses. There are some real advantages to upgrading your home’s products – and it may be worth taking the plunge.

The Benefits of Moving Toward Modern Appliances

Keep in mind: When we say “modern appliances,” we’re not talking solely about smart refrigerators or thermostats you can control with an app on your phone. Many of the products we’ll mention today can still be purchased without any link to the internet at all – and they are still fantastic. So if you’re reluctant to “Alexa-fy” your home, put aside your resistance and take a look at some of the pertinent benefits of buying modern appliances.

Save Money – Did you know that modern appliances can actually save you money over the long run? In part due to their “smart” sensors and partly because they are so much more energy efficient than their predecessors, these appliances can save you a lot of dough on your electric bill. That’s not even to mention the fact that some appliances come with tax rebates you can turn in for even more money back. If subscription fees and higher upfront pricing has got you down, just remember that there are attractive monetary benefits to upgrading.

Reduce Energy Waste – We’re living in an era where more and more people are becoming energy conscious as a result of the challenges facing us globally. Climate change is a phenomenon that comes with no easy solutions, but millions of Americans are willing to do their part at home. One easy way to join the cause is to upgrade to modern appliances, the vast majority of which are much better for the environment than the old machines.

Get On Top of a Problem Faster – In the old days, you had to wait until your appliance stopped working or began making some crazy noise before seeking repairs. Nowadays, it’s a little easier to diagnose and troubleshoot problems before they get expensive. Smart appliances will often send you an alert when they need maintenance or there is some problem with the equipment. Whether it’s a car or a dishwasher, it’s always cheaper to solve a problem as soon as possible.

Remote Access – Did you ever have that sensation of going on vacation when you suddenly have the horrifying thought: Whoa, did I leave a burner on the stove on? 99 times out of 100, this is just your mind playing tricks on you, but it doesn’t feel like that at the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to open up an app on your phone and see for yourself? There are many other benefits to remote access: Preheat your oven on the way home from work, adjust the temperature in your home from your car, take a peek at your home security cameras; the list goes on.

Make Every Chore Easier – Isn’t that what this is about, at the end of the day? Appliances were introduced into the American home to make life easier for those doing chores. That’s still what they’re for, and they’re better at it than ever. With today’s modern tech systems, you can leave the precision controls to the devices, saving you time, effort, and sanity in the process. If you’ve been looking for a way to take some of the stress out of cooking, cleaning, and all of the other chores that keep a household running, a few modern appliances may have the answer you seek.

Now that we have a general grasp on how these appliances can make a difference in your life, let’s drill down on the specifics and see which modern appliances are right for you.

10 – Robotic Vacuum

Of all the advances in modern household technology over the last couple of decades, none made a bigger splash than the robot vacuum cleaner. Spearheaded by Roomba, these whirling disks take the backbreaking labor out of vacuuming the house. You set a course for your robot vacuum, you adjust a few settings in the app, and then you let the gizmo do its thing. No more do you have to psyche yourself up to do a round of vacuuming; no longer do you have to look at piles of pet hair on the floor and admonish yourself for not keeping up with the chores. The robot vacuum does it all while you supervise from afar. Good deal, right?

9 – Smart Oven

When we first began hearing about “smart” appliances, we thought we would have conversational refrigerators and stoves capable of helping us with our homework. Soon, of course, we would realize that these devices were “smart,” in that they were integrated with Wi-Fi, a revolution that has led to innumerable improvements. A great example is the modern smart oven, which can easily adjust its own cook settings to match the recipe you’re trying to make. Replicating the work of an experienced chef has never been easier, thanks to these extraordinary appliances. These ovens also offer remote access, which allows you to turn them off and on (and adjust settings) without getting up from the couch.

8 – 4K Ultra HD Television

It seems that televisions are making advances at a faster rate than just about anything else, save actual computers and tablets. In addition to smart components, streaming capabilities, and other benefits, these televisions offer improved resolution and sound when compared to their predecessors. Today’s gold standard is 4K resolution, which is four times more powerful than the 1080p HD televisions that came out in the late 2000s. If your picture is large enough (and your eyes sharp enough), this translates into a stunning display that will make you feel as if you were in the middle of the action. If you are always itching to have the best home entertainment system available on the market, a 4K TV is a must-buy.

7 – Food Processor

Anyone who likes to fool around with new recipes in the kitchen needs a good modern food processor. These handy appliances help you chop your ingredients safely, mix them together easily, and save a whole lot of time when preparing a meal. Today’s food processors are more than just fancy blenders; they can do just about everything but cook the food! From slicing to chopping to making a delicious puree, these appliances are the stars of any kitchen they reside in. Best of all, most of them are extremely fast, so if you’re tired of wasting hours of your life on the dull work of chopping and dicing and mixing, a food processor will soon prove to be your best friend.

6 – Air Purifier

We’re not here to cast aspersions on any products or appliances in this article, but we will note that the explosion of essential oil diffusers is cause for some concern. Granted, some people purchase these diffusers just to have a nice scent in the air, and that’s fine for what it is. But others mistakenly believe there are actual health benefits to these oils, and that is not scientifically proven – by any stretch of the imagination. If, however, you want an appliance that will actually improve the air quality in your home, a good air purifier is exactly what you need. These devices eliminate smoke and other contaminants, and they can make a big difference for anyone who suffers from household allergies. Our advice: Skip the oil diffuser and go with the purifier.

5 – Smart Refrigerator

If you haven’t been refrigerator shopping in a while, we highly recommend taking a trip to your local appliance store. In fact, we recommend this trip even if you have no intention of buying a new fridge. Just the experience itself is worth it. It’s astounding the number of things a new fridge on today’s market can do, even if some of those things are questionable in their worth. From digital scratch boards to little cameras that tell you what’s inside the fridge without you having to open the door, these appliances are quite advanced compared to last generation’s refrigerators. Who wouldn’t like to watch an old rerun on the fridge while cooking up a tedious family dinner?

4 – Induction Cooktops

If you really want to modernize your kitchen, there are no better steps to take than buying an induction cooktop. Induction cooking has changed the game as far as stovetops go – ask anyone in Europe! Running on electricity, these cooktops use electromagnetic energy to draw heat up into the food, and they work much faster than traditional electric stoves. Better still, they cool down a lot faster as well, so if you’re used to having to wait 30 minutes to an hour to clean your cooktop, you’ll be amazed at how an induction range changes your life. They also give you a much more precise way to exercise control over the temperature on the range, which can dramatically improve your cooking.

3 – Modern Coffee Maker

Starbucks would have all of us buying our morning coffee for $4 a pop in their drive-thru if they had their way, but there are better, more convenient ways to get caffeine into your favorite mug. Today’s modern coffee makers come with a variety of features, including built-in grinders, energy-saving designs, and frothers for quick and easy cappuccino. With a smart coffee machine, you can even “call” the appliance from your phone and tell it to start making the next pot. Some of them also allow you to make adjustments to the brew strength, so if you’ve always found it difficult to hone in your perfect cup, these coffee makers can get you closer to perfection than you ever thought possible. They aren’t necessarily cheap on the shelves, but when you compare them to the amount you’re spending on Starbucks, we’re willing to bet it’s (at least) a wash.

2 – Smart Ceiling Fans

If we could count the number of times we’ve wished for the ability to control the ceiling fan from the comfort of our cozy bed, we would probably run out of numbers. Sure, remote controls for the fan have existed for a while, but what happens when the remote is clear across the room (as it always seems to be when you need it)? What if you could simply say, “Turn off the fan,” and have it happen like magic? You don’t have to learn the ways of the Force from Yoda; you just need a smart ceiling fan with voice control features. And because many of these fans come with built-in lights, you can also extend that voice control to the lighting in your room. How’s that for modern comfort!

1 – Modern Washing Machines

Some appliances have been a mixed bag as they make the jump from yesterday’s models to the newer ones. We’d include washing machines and dryers in that category. The early attempts at maximizing energy efficiency came with a host of problems. Customers complained that their clothes weren’t getting clean, or that the machines were leaving soap mixed in with the fabrics. Those problems have largely been resolved, but many are still skeptical. Even so, modern washers and dryers are worth a look, especially if they come with Wi-Fi features. A smart washer often comes with extra cycle options, remote access, early repair advisories, and much more. And the best ones combine energy efficiency with outstanding quality control. If you’re on the hunt for major appliance upgrades that make a difference, this could be an appliance worth considering.

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